ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 5 - 2018 prostringer5-18 web - Page 24 TEST perception is good even if we‘re not talking about a nervous explosive string but rather a string who returns power in a very progressive way reminding what we define „slingshot effect“. The topspin performance is very good thanks to the resilience-reactivity, to the ball pocketing and to the structured and roughened finish which ensures an excellent snap back with strong string deflection and fast return of the string. The control level is high due to the progressive plasticization, to the ball pocketing and to the soft feeling that let you feel like touching the ball. The global feeling and contact sensation with the ball is absolutely remarkable, letting the player control the play, the trajectories and the speed variations. Hysteresis test with load-unload cycles shows good performance in static tension maintenance and average rate in dy- namic stability. The strings, due to the finish and the medium-soft material, loses a bit tension in the first two hours, settles, aligns molecular chains and becomes stiffer and less reactive but remaining very playable until the 8-10 hours of play. A VERY VERSATILE STRING FOR A WIDE RANGE OF TENNIS PLAYERS, GOING FROM INTERMEDIATE TO AD- VANCED PLAYERS, FROM ADVANCED YOUNG PLAYERS WITH GOOD SHOTS AND TECHNIQUE TO MALE FE- MALE PROFESSIONALS. for more info please check the website Ing. Gabriele Medri pro-t-one tech lab data and test provided by pro-t-one & 24 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 5-2018