ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 3 - 2018 pro stringer 3 2018.indd - Kopie - Page 8 NEW PRODUCTS STRING-KONG DRILL LE LIMITED EDITION HYBRID SETS OFFERING THREE CUSTOM PLAYING POSSIBILITIES SPIN DRILL VARIATIONS LE The String-Kong Spin Drill Variations are 3 Limited Edition hybrid packs created to maximize spin, playability and comfort, making optimum use of the synergies between the main features of different kinds of strings . The Common features of all the Spin Drill are in fact a very high playability level (large sweet spot, medium to high dwell-time, low stiffness), an excellent access to spin and a high comfort level. They are the perfect combination of 3 kinds of strings: a very reactive twisted co-poly in triangular shape, a high strenght latest generation syngut with texture on the outer surface and a powerful latest generation syngut with double ribbons layer construction, for 3 different solutions (6, considering “reverse” hybrid) to boost your game. YETI² It’s a hybrid pack which contains our bestsellers control-oriented co-poly in both the gauges (1,26 and 1,17) we already have in catalog, bonded together. String-Kong Yeti² is the result of several reports received from some of our contract-players who tested by themselves the combination between the 2 different gauges and finding out an increase of approximately 20% in power compared to 1,26 in full job, and that without loosing control or durability, but improving in feel and accuracy. On the other side, who switched from 1,17 in full bed found durability increased over 30% without loosing too much in power and sensibility. Anyway, control remains the greatest feature even for the Yeti². 8 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 3-2018