ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 3 - 2018 pro stringer 3 2018.indd - Kopie - Page 23 INDUSTRY NEWS STRING TEST The dynamic stiffness, measure of comfort and soft impact on the arm during the play, is quite high with 235g/mm Æ 220lb/inch, tough and hard impacts very typical for a competitive polyester string. With a 0.9kg/mm linear stiffness (50 lbs/inch) we are in front of a control oriented string with a very good spin attitude due to fast response and smooth finish; max resilience (elastic response) is positioned in a range from 15-19kg and low stringing tension are recommended (20-22kg) to optimize control, spin production with good ball repulsion. Hysteresis test and load-unload cycles test let us know more about tension stability, average resilience, resilience peak and talks about a very dynamic action and fast response on the ball with a fairly good power. The dynamic stability is good as the static tension maintenance for a mono, permitting the string to be used for 6-8 hours at high level before feeling a change in string response. No pre-strech is needed to have a better string stabilization or uniform the dynamic response of the string. A SERIOUS CHOICE FOR COMPETITIVE PLAYERS SEARCHING FOR A CONTROL ORIENTED STRING WITH GOOD SPIN PRODUCTION AND GOOD DURABILITY. for more info please check the website Ing. Gabriele Medri pro-t-one tech lab data and test provided by pro-t-one & 23 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 3-2018