ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 3 - 2018 pro stringer 3 2018.indd - Kopie - Page 20 INDUSTRY NEWS PTR LAUNCHES NEW APP PTR Launches New Coach App Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) announced the launch of the new PTR Coach App, an indispensable tool for tennis coaches. The goal is to provide coaches - and athletes - a specific platform that can be used effectively in helping a player transition and achieve positive change. Developed by PTR’s Director of Education, Brian Parkkonen, with Oivind Sorvald, Director of High Performance and Coach Education for the Norwegian Tennis Association, and a member of the PTR Board of Directors. The PTR Coach App was built around video analysis aiming to arm coaches with the most effective way to provide the athlete with technological evidence. The goal is to provide coaches with a system that embraces technol- ogy and allows the coach to create an environment that will help the players of tomorrow become even more successful than those of today. The PTR Coach App allows coaches to easily capture technical video, and analyze and annotate the video with the illustrator tools provided. The app not only allows coaches to compare strokes, but also provides easy refer- ence to player strokes collection and technical parameters. Coaches can create video, image and voice reports to share with students. They can track goals and player improvement through the app’s player reports. “We are excited to make this new technology available. Empowering coaches with an easy to use app that im- proves their ability to see technique more precisely was a major goal,” explained Brian Parkkonen, PTR Director of Education. “PTR developed a tool that puts technology in the hands of every coach in the form of a one stop shop for player management. We are extremely pleased with the final product, and the PTR Coach App will continue to evolve with additional coach pack releases that will build to the current platform. The PTR Coach App will also be infused into PTR’s education pathway to ensure coaches are prepared to use this tool with confidence.” ENTDECKE DIE WELT DER WE MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE 20 Die Int. Plattform für alle Trainer und Coaches die professionell unterrichten INFO: PTR European Headquarters Leichtergasse 28 - 39012 MERAN Fon: +39 0473 230097 - - ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 3-2018