ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 3 - 2018 pro stringer 3 2018.indd - Kopie - Page 14 GRIP TEST STRING - KONG BUNGA GRIPS We received the Bunga Grips for testing with some of our members, players and coaches. The grips were tested for one to two weeks and we asked for feedback on comfort, feel, moisture absortion and durability. Everyone was very positive with all the comments. The coaches, who played the most hours of anyone who tested it, all found it very comfortable and very durable. One commented it lasted longer than other overgrips he has tried. All the testers said the grips were long enough for two handed players. Moisture absorbtion was difficult to rate as we tested the grips when it was very cold here and everyone was playing on indoor courts. We have kept a couple to try on hot days outside on the red clay courts. Packaging is very good aimed at junger players and the retail price of 6.50€ is an excellent price to quality ratio. The String-Kong Bunga Grip is an overgip made up with japanese raw material plus a special additive and a particular thermoplastic surface process which both offer a silky feeling, a very good moisture absoption capa- bility and a tremendous durability. All rolled into a pleasant monkey-head packaging. Color: Purple Thickness: 0.55cm Width: 2.6cm Lenght: 115cm Main features: Wet Package: 3pcs STRINGING TECNIFIBRE 20 YEARS MONTE CARLO STRINGING SERVICE At the 112th Edition of the Monte Carlo tournament, Tecnifibre celebrated their 20th year as official stringing service. Rafa Nadal celebrated his 11th victory there before 136,00 spectators. Five stringers strung 707 rackets during the tournament on Tecnifibre ATP Stringing Machines. Rafael Nadal string the most rackets with 34 strung at 25 kilos. Tecnifibre also had a sales booth with product dis- plays in the village area. 14 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 3-2018