EPS Professional Development - Feb 21, 2017 - Page 9

Enfield Public Schools Session 26 — 6-12 Educator Exchange: Discourse in the Classroom Connell Clark and Erin Clark Location: Fermi A203 This session is intended to provide meaningful conversations with your peers about what works in your classroom. It will begin with a short presenter-led overview of best practices, leading to an open discussion of strategies that are effective in promoting meaningful discourse in the classroom. All attendees are asked to bring samples of materials or ideas related to promoting student-to-student discourse. Session 27 — Grade 1 Exploring the Development of Executive Function Skills in First Grade Academics Jim Graham and Nancy Hayes Location: Barnard Rm 11 This session will begin with a review of the executive function skills development in Kindergarten and move to an exploration of and conversation about the use of linear calendars, the outgrowth of learning plans from play plans, and the progression from purposeful play to collaborative group work. Part of the session is intended to provide a make-andtake of learning plans. Session 28 — 9-12 *PLEASE NOTE: This is a FULL DAY session; if choosing to attend, also enroll in Session X. Developing Transitions for Students Receiving Special Education Services – Part 1 Bridgette Birchall Location: Fermi A228 This session will focus on the development of grade-level transition activities to reflect transitions for students who receive special education services. Participants will access Naviance to document activities. Participants will design a 9-12 transition program appropriate for each grade level, including informal assessments with specific transition activities and specific timelines. Part of this session will be for teachers to review, in detail, the PPT progress on these transition activities and document them in the IEP. Page 7