EPS Professional Development - Feb 21, 2017 - Page 7

Enfield Public Schools Session 17 — K - 12 Creating Interdisciplinary Units in Music and Art Marylin Goodnite and Richard Fahey Location: Fermi B112 Session 18 — PK-12 Taking a Look at Office 365 Dr. Kerry Wiley Location: Fermi A328 Session 19 — K-12 Using Elements of the Multiple Menu Model to Reinvigorate and Inspire Brian Zawodniak Location: JFK Library Session 20 — 6-12 Presenting Non-linear Ideas with Prezi Greg Chandler Location: Fermi B106 This session will begin with a general introduction to Office 365. Topics will include utilizing This presentation will discuss the importance of making connections the portal, sharing documents, and using Office 365 Apps both online between music and visual arts. Time will be spent collaborating to and on the desktop. Time will be develop interdisciplinary music and set aside to answer individualized questions as necessary. Particiart units. On-line research will be used to support this development. pants will need to bring their new Lenovo laptops. This session is for all teachers interested in really getting back in touch with their content specialty. Teachers will learn how to use the Multiple Menu Model (MMM) in challenging themselves and their students. This will be a hands-on session where teachers create a lesson using this model. Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi allows you to present ideas and concepts in a non-linear way. Teachers will be introduced to the techniques for creating and using PREZIs. Teachers will be helped in the creation of their own presentations that will increase student attention and interest in the material being covered. Teachers attending should bring their laptop. Page 5