EPS Professional Development - Feb 21, 2017 - Page 6

AM Sessions, continued 8:00 to 11:15AM Session 13 — PK-12 Office 365: Using OneNote as a Collaborative and Organizational Tool Cory O’Connell Location: Fermi Room D222 Session 14 — 6-12 Using Video Technology to Improve Student Instruction John Dague Location: EHS E130 During this session, participants will be taken through the steps to set up a OneNote teacher notebook to use in the classroom. There will be a review of the features of OneNote that are applicable to collaboration, organization, and presentation. Teachers will work with a team of trainers to learn to use Discover Video technology in a variety of ways. Included will be how to create multimedia presentations for use at school and home; how to upload, manage, and play live and recorded educational video; and how to create text overlay for video content. Session 15 — K-5 PASS: An Iniative for Creating Physically Active School Systems Carol Ciotto and Kimberly Kostelis Location: Crandall APR Session 16 — 3-12 On-line Homework and the Flipped Classroom David Guertin Location: JFK CLAB 1 In this workshop, Creating Physically Active School Systems (PASS), participants will learn why exercise increases learning. This activitybased workshop will provide teachers with information, resources, and hands-on activities to effectively meet the needs of their students and provide them with sufficient time to "move in school." Teachers will look at the PASS needs assessment and the "how to" of creating an action plan to implement PASS. Participants will be shown how to use quia.com to set up systems for students to do homework and classwork online, along with teacher-created review games. Participants will be shown how to record their own lessons and upload them to YouTube for homework purposes, enabling students to come to class prepared to apply homework information in a meaningful way. Page 4