EPS Professional Development - Feb 21, 2017 - Page 4

AM Sessions, continued 8:00 – 11:15AM Session 5 — PK—12 Understanding Inquiry and Implementing the Question Formulation Technique Joel Senez Location: Fermi A222 The presenter will explain the benefits of using inquiry-based lesson design with students developing their own questions and how to use student questions in planning, instruction, and assessment. The presenter will guide the group in the process of developing a lesson around the Question Formulation Technique (QFT). Some time will be used for attendees to develop a QFT lesson for implementation in their classroom. Session 6 — 6-12 Session 7 — Grade 6 Getting the Most Out of Your Reading Class Sarah Mayo and Stephen Jewell Location: JFK Rm 14 White Wing Session 8 — PK-2 Phonemic Awareness/Phonics Instruction: Small and Whole Group Ideas and Materials Christine Turcotte-White Location: Barnard Library Grade 6 teachers will explore the difficulties some have experienced providing comprehensive reading instruction during a single reading block. The session will include an examination of current practices, a discussion of research-based best practices, and tips and advice for getting the biggest "bang for the buck" with the given time constraints. Integrating AP and Pre-AP Strategies into Any Classroom Jason McMahon and Matt Murray Location: Fermi A226 Presenters will model and instruct AP strategies such as SOAPSTone and the Rhetorical Triangle. A brief overview of Rhetorical Analysis will be given and its application in various courses will be discussed. This session will give an overview of various activities and materials teachers can use in whole or small group to support the foundational skills of phonemic awareness and phonics. This will be a mass overview of these two pillars of reading. Information from "The Best of Teacher's College Phonics Instruction" will be shared. Page 2