EPS Professional Development - Feb 21, 2017 | Page 15

Enfield Public Schools Session U — K-12 Session V — K-12 Crisis Response Plan Overview EPS and Youth Services CollaboraSarah Brown and Shannon Kudryk tion Location: JFK Rm 18 White Wing Jean Haughey, Tramaine Frank, and Joanna Fornwalt During this session, the presentLocation: Alcorn Library ers will give an overview of JFK’s Crisis Response Plan for commu- This session is designed to provide faculty the opportunity to meet the nity emergencies. This session is not only appropriate for JFK staff, staff of Enfield Youth Services and understand the services available but for any EPS staff who are in for students. It will also provide the process of revising their school’s current plan, especially trauma-based classroom strategies. Participants will develop a better pupil services staff and adminisunderstanding of referral protocols trators. and available support services. Session W — 3-5 Session X — 9-12 Independent Reading: Assessment and Strategies Jennifer Miller & Karyn McManus Location: Crandall Rm 23 *PLEASE NOTE: This is a FULL DAY session; if choosing to attend, also enroll in Session 28. Developing Common Core Transitions for Students Receiving Special During this session, information Education Services- Part 2 on the purpose and procedure for Bridgette Birchall the use of Teachers College indeLocation: Fermi A228 pendent reading assessments will be shared. Participants will prac- This is the PM continuation of AM tice doing running records and Session 28. Please see page 7 for assessing comprehension. Predetails. senters will also share strategies to cultivate students' independent reading. Page 13