EPS Professional Development - Feb 21, 2017 - Page 13

Enfield Public Schools Session M — 2-8 Using Classroom ELA Assessments to Inform Instruction Meghann Burr and Adrienne Snow Location: Crandall APR Session N — 6-12 3D Printing and Design: STEAM Connections Adam Mitchell Location: JFK CLAB 2 This session will take a close look at ELA skills assessments, including how they should be used to assess students' needs and inform ongoing instruction. Teachers will complete an item analysis chart for questions, collaborate on lesson development, and develop reading assessment questions. The session will include a discussion of selection and funding of 3D printers, 3D design platforms, technology limitations/ opportunities of 3D printing, and cross-curricular connections to 3D printing. Participants will learn the basics of TinkerCad (on-line design platform). Session O — PK-2 Differentiating Instruction Using Math Centers Kyle Charette Location: Barnard Room 16 Session P — PK-12 Understanding Inquiry and Implementing the Question Formulation Technique Joel Senez Location: Fermi A222 This session is intended to share ideas being piloted in the use of centers as part of math instruction. Teachers should come prepared to collaboratively examine the use of centers. Together we can strengthen our approach and better support student achievement in math. The presenter will explain the benefits of using inquiry-based lesson design with students developing their own questions and how to use student questions in planning, instruction, and assessment. The presenter will guide the group in the process of developing a lesson around the Question Formulation Technique (QFT). Some time will be used for attendees to develop a QFT lesson for implementation in their classroom. Page 11