EPS Professional Development - Feb 21, 2017 | Page 10

PM Sessions 12:15 to 3:15PM Session A — 3-5 Fraction Instruction Strategies Michelle Bellafronte Location: Crandall Library This session is intended to build on our knowledge of the fraction standards. We will look at modeling fractions and operations with fractions. We will collaborate to develop lessons and activities to bring back to our classrooms. Session B — 6-12 Using Khan Academy to Support Math Instruction Michelle Burlingame Location: Fermi A112 This session will provide teachers with some insights into individualizing instruction and "flipping the classroom." We will investigate Teachers.iD and My HomeworkApp.com. We will look at the utilization of Khan Academy both in the classroom and at home. Session C — PK– 12 Technology Tools for the Classroom Hannah Song and Devon Aloisa Location: JFK Innovation Lab Session D — 9-12 English Revision and Grammar Strategies for Multi-draft Essays Dr. Kristina Elias-Staron Location: Fermi A203 This will be a presentation, by category, of apps that can be used in the classroom (i.e., audio, recording, presentation, writing). Time will be given to download, signup, collaborate, and create lessons or projects for classroom use. This is a work session for high school English teachers to bring multi-draft writing assessments so that they can incorporate effective revision and grammar strategies into the curriculum. Page 8