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Just . Adjective : fair to all concerned .
That ’ s how my Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘ just ’. So in turn , that means a ‘ just transition ’ must be fair to all concerned in that transition .
It really is as simple as that – and as complicated . Because in terms of the energy transition , to be fair to ‘ all concerned ’ is to be fair to every citizen in Europe .
Energy is a people industry . It ’ s easy to forget that amid international deals between multi-national companies . But it ’ s an industry that fundamentally affects the lives of people at the most basic , emotional level .
At the end of every piece of multi-million power generation equipment and grid technology is someone reaching for a light switch . And whether those lights come on – and whether that person believes they can afford to pay for those lights to come on – affects their everyday life , their hopes , and their dreams .
Society already has its ‘ haves ’ and ‘ have nots ’ in terms of energy , and the gap between the two must not be allowed to widen . Don ’ t think energy poverty is a developing-world- problem . It ’ s alive and well and thriving on our doorsteps in Europe , and if we get the energy transition wrong , it will get worse .
Which means the stakes could not be higher for the European Union and every stakeholder involved in the energy transition . And it will take all of them , working together , to deliver a just transition . Leadership – or at least the best kind of leadership – is a collective endeavour . It ’ s a team effort . And we at Enlit want to be on that team .
We call ourselves ‘ the inclusive guide to the energy transition ’. The most important – and problematic – word there is ‘ inclusive ’. Because it ’ s hard to be inclusive . To be holistic . To give a voice to everyone .
Meanwhile , it ’ s easy to be exclusive and elitist . We choose not to be . A just transition isn ’ t an aspiration or a target . It ’ s a responsibility . It ’ s a duty of care . And we care enough about that duty to put inclusivity , authenticity and fairness at the heart of everything that we do .
This energy transition may turn out to be a just-in-time transition in terms of combating climate change . We must ensure that it is also a morally and financially fair one too .
Kelvin Ross Editor-in-Chief Enlit Europe


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