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The fire station is a vital part of the Soboba community . Tribal residents live in a district identified by the California Public Utilities Commission as a ‘ Tier 3 – Extreme ’ threat area and have experienced multiple outages linked to wildfires over the last two years .
During wildfires , the Soboba fire station serves as the incident command centre and emergency shelter as well as the point of distribution for food , equipment and supplies - making uninterrupted power vital for community resiliency .
The number of blackouts across California is expected to increase as preemptive Public Safety Power Shutoff events become more common , so the Soboba Band is planning on expanding services at the fire station site by building a medical center and community building , along with additional battery backup and microgrid systems for those facilities .
This project demonstrates that energy storage can transform renewable energy into a resource that the community can count on to protect them from the impacts of climate change .
To enable a just transition we need to take urgent action to reshape global energy markets in a fair and accessible way .
With energy storage deployment in emerging markets expected to increase globally by over 40 % each year until 2025 , the industry must deliver more sustainable , durable and costeffective alternative solutions .
In order to truly reach net-zero goals , more must be done to install the right technologies in the right places to enable the most effective use of renewable generation .
By broadening policy globally and at the national level to promote energy storage that goes beyond lithium , we will create a more efficient technology meritocracy within the energy storage space .
This will help avoid a path dependency which , left unchecked , could massively curtail the long-term benefits of the sustainable energy transition .
If we look towards a just transition with energy storage and hope to avoid the ongoing exploitation of fossil fuels around the world , a broader approach is required for adopting energy storage .
Deploying a diverse set of cost effective and sustainable energy storage solutions , with vanadium flow alongside existing technologies , will help the world reach net-zero together , with no one left behind .
Matt Harper is Chief Commercial Officer at energy storage company Invinity
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