Enhance Regional Mobility February 27, 2024 | Page 2

HIGHLIGHTS eVTOL Operations Cont .

It is expected that the eVTOL operations will offer a direct connection to the city ’ s vibrant Entertainment District , home to Six Flags Over Texas , Hurricane Harbor , four professional sports franchises — Texas Rangers , Dallas Cowboys , and the Arlington Renegades — as well as numerous restaurants , shopping centers , museums and live entertainment venues .
This announcement follows a recently announced agreement between Overair and Dallas-Fort Worth ( DFW ) International Airport to bring eVTOL operations to the DFW Metroplex . The City of Arlington ’ s strategic collaboration with Overair will expand the company ’ s Advanced Air Mobility ( AAM ) operations across North Texas by delivering fully integrated eVTOL ecosystem solutions – from vertiports and advanced charging infrastructure to the implementation of electric aerial rideshare .
As part of the agreement , Overair will also establish a base of operations in North Central Texas , bringing new jobs to residents .
“ Today ’ s announcement is a major step toward positioning Arlington as one of the first cities in the world to integrate fully electric AAM capabilities into its transportation ecosystem ,” said Overair Chief Commercial Officer , Valerie Manning . “ Electric advanced air mobility is an example of transportation evolving with the needs of a growing society . We are incredibly excited to be part of driving this transportation evolution in North Central Texas and to expanding our presence in this region , known for its talent and technology .”
Per the agreement , Overair and the City of Arlington will establish a joint , cross-functional working group to oversee and address the challenges of the project and ensure timely completion of milestones , including an initial feasibility study conducted by Overair to assess the demand for AAM services within the Arlington area and evaluate scenarios for flight operations in and out of vertiport locations .
“ This partnership with Overair not only advances the City of Arlington as a leader in implementing innovative transportation solutions , it also provides high-tech and engineering jobs to our residents and the community at large ; ultimately creating a new mobility ecosystem that will provide socio-economic progress for decades to come ,” said Arlington Mayor Jim Ross . “ We are excited to work with Overair to shape the future of transportation for our city and the DFW region .”
With the development of the Butterfly aircraft currently on schedule to meet the goals and timelines of the Federal Aviation Administration ’ s Innovate28 initiative , Overair seeks to solve many of the logistical challenges associated with moving people and goods ( commuter , charter , medical transport , cargo ). Butterfly ’ s unique proprietary propulsion system and oversized rotors allow the aircraft to fly safely , quietly , and efficiently in a wide variety of weather conditions .
To learn more about Overair and its Butterfly aircraft , please visit www . Overair . com .