English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 9

EXHIBITION 32ND WORLD FAIR FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY MESSEGELÄNDE - 81823 MÜNCHEN (DE) 8 - 14 APRIL 2019 Opening hours Monday to Friday ������9.30 - 18.30 hour Saturday��������������������8.30 - 18.30 hour Sunday��������������������� 9.30 - 16.30 hour WE PRESENT OVB-38-02V With a length of less than 10 metres, this short 2-axle hydraulically steered and extendible Ballasttrailer of Karl Scholl GmbH is extremely manoeuvrable and ideal when used in urban areas. MPL-85-05V The 5-axle Manoovr semi low-loader with pendle axles and excavator trough is a huge success. Hegmann Transit GmbH, part of the Bigmove Group, has bought a large number of these Manoovrs, one of which is on show at our stand. EURO-152-36(ICP) This EURO-PX low-loader with 9 axle lines is – at the moment – the heaviest configuration in the Nooteboom programme. Brouwer ordered the trailer with a spine floor and bolsters for the load floor’s width extension.  ■ Feldkirchen-West 18a P3 st / We u s r age kha G a Par rking est Pa W ICM 17 F4 F5 C1 C2 B1 B0 b au m 15 C3 B2 C4 B3 C5 B4 C6 B5 a Bo ulev 14a a rd 13a FM Conference Center Nord B6 A1 2 Ost East A2 3 A3 4 A4 5 W i l l y - B r a n d t - A l l e e A5 6 Baugeräte und Werkzeuge bauma Geländeplan D/E bauma Digital / Sensorik und Diagnose bauma Digital / Sensor technology and Diagnosis 7 P+R Parkhaus / Park & Ride Parking Garage 8 ICM THINK BIG! Beruf und Karriere; Forschung Live THINK BIG! Work & Careers; Research Live C2 Mining mit / with bauma Forum 12 11a 11b 11 STAND FN 721/10 FS 9 U2 Messestadt Ost U2 Messestadt West Stand / As of: 2/2018 A1, B0 Construction equipment and tools A6 12a 13 West 12b 14 TAXI M 1 A2 FN Freigelände Nord/Ost Outdoor Exhibition Area north/east 15a 16 Forum est dw st Nor rthwe No TAXI Nord North 16a 10 Eingang Entrance P Parkplätze Car Parks Flughafen-Bus / Airport Shuttle 17a e TAXI 19 21 - H e n r i - S 20 p a a k - S t r a ß i TAXI Taxi Paul c hen A99/Passau M ün A94 P Nord TAXI Freigelände Nord/West Outdoor Exhibition Area north/west München-Riem - G D e a s p e r Tore / Gates Messeleitung Exhibition Management Expressway Freigelände Süd Outdoor Exhibition Area south B0, B1 C1 FS Herstellung zement-, kalk- und gipsgebundener Bauelemente; Betonaufbereitung Production of cement, lime and gypsum compounds; concrete production B5, B6 C4 –C6 FN + FM F 4 + F5 Baumaschinen und Anbaugeräte Construction machinery and attachments B4 FN Bau- und Nutzfahrzeuge Trucks and construction vehicles C4 FS Hebezeuge Lifting appliances 9