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“The connected partner for my competitiveness!“ A better way forward MICHELIN TIRE Care , services improving your business performance. Because it is essential that your business remains competitive, Michelin is at your side, designing and adding a range of innovative services to its high-performance product line: Michelin TIRE Care . Working with hauliers, the teams at Michelin have jointly developed a range of services to overcome your challenges (quality of service, reduced costs and lead times). Michelin TIRE Care services help to make tyre management a key success factor for you. Michelin is committed to you "FOR PLANNING AND OPTIMISATION, I CAN RELY ON iCheck OFFER". ■ ■ "WITH iManage OFFER, MY CONNECTED TYRES GIVE ME TOTAL TRACEABILITY". ■ ■ "TO MAKE MY LIFE EASY, I CHOOSE THE TireLog™ APPLICATION". ■ ■ This free-of-charge smartphone application will make monitoring your tyres easy. Your data is easily digitalised and you can access it in just a few clicks. Helping you to save time. With this online reporting service, specially de- signed for integrated workshops, you are sure to receive the right alert and intervene at the right time. So you can manage maintenance in a preventive way and reduce your costs. With RFID* connected to the TPMS* and your on- line portal, it is easy to make use of all the data produced by your tyres throughout their useful life to optimise the management of your stock. You can precisely analyse their performance, manage your stock and your investments, improve your commitment to safety and quality of service. iManage is specially designed for integrated workshops. PARTNERSHIP Sevices tested and developed with 100 hauliers throughout europe. CONNECTIVITY 100% digital solutions developed for hauliers by the best road transport specialists. EXPERTISE 50 Michelin experts devoted to working on creating services for you. * Radio Frequency Identification - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System trucks.michelin.eu All the MICHELIN Tire Care services are available in your customised MyAccount space or on the trucks.michelin.eu web site DISCOVER THE TIRE CARE EXPERIENCE