English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 25

SALES & SERVICES with the large European trailer manufacturers. Not on price, but especially not on the speed with which the trailer manufacturers such as Nooteboom were able to innovate their products. Via international trade shows we made contact with several European trailer manufacturers. In the end we joined forces with Nooteboom. Why? For three reasons: Nooteboom is a reliable partner, they produce high-quality trailers and – even in those days - Nooteboom was a company that found it easy to adapt to situations in countries with a different culture.” it has been quiet for a while huge wind parks are built in Spain too. All those products have to be transported and the number of abnormal transports also increases.” ■  Johan Nieuwenhuis EXPANSION SALES AND SERVICE ORGANISATION Luis: “Spain is a large country with very different cultures, languages and economic activities. The country stretches from rainy fishing villages in Galicia on the Atlantic coast to the sun-drenched beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. In the sixties the tourism along the Mediterranean Sea followed and more recently the region around Madrid is developing rapidly. To be present in the most industrialised areas Nooteboom Iberica has now six well-equipped service dealers: two in the north, two in the Madrid region and one – Parada – with good connections to Madrid, Valencia and Murcia.” Spain recovered remarkably quickly after the deep financial crisis. During the bad years Nooteboom simply continued with expanding the sales and service organisations in Spain. The results are now apparent, because in the heaviest segment of the market Nooteboom is the market leader in Spain. Johan ■  Luis Macias Nieuwenhuis: “Behind a good product are good people. For years we have invested time in sales, aftersales and to set up a good service and parts organisation. Thanks to this long-term vision Nooteboom now has a stable position in the Spanish market.” ■ MARKET SEGMENTS Johan Nieuwenhuis: “We can divide the market for low-loaders and semi low-loaders in Spain in two segments. In the first segment are the simple 3-axle and 4-axle semi low-loaders. In spite of many competitors customers often still opt for Nooteboom. The quality of the product and high residual value are deciding factors. In the other segment are the highly specialised trailers. A good example is our customer Cepelludo. They have experience with other makes too, but in the last few years they have almost exclusively bought Nooteboom trailers. The quality, but also the ease of operation and excellent service are the deciding factors here for choosing Nooteboom.” ■  The registration of trailers in Spain is not complicated REGISTRATION IN SPAIN Johan: “The registration of trailers in Spain is not complicated, not even for the very complex Nooteboom low-loaders. But the administrative mills grind slowly. We regularly have to carry out additional brake tests. It can be difficult to explain to the customer that a trailer, that has been ready for delivery for weeks, can only go on the road with a valid registration.” Talleres Mago S.A. Cabañas Raras - León • • Trainar San Román de San Millán • •• Trans-Tercar S.L. Villacastin Segovia ECONOMIC GROWTH Johan Nieuwenhuis: “Recently the Spanish economy has grown twice as quickly as the European average. The construction industry – the housing market as well as the infrastructure - has made a rapid, positive recovery after the crisis. Construction and transport are inextricably linked and we have noticed a growing demand for heavy trailers. The employment rate is growing, industrial production companies are operating at full capacity and borrowing costs are still low. Although Talleres Leandro, S.L. Lozoyuele - Madrid ■  • Consman, S.L. Castellbisbal - Barcelona Talleres Hnos, Parada, S.L. Chinchilla - Albacete Customers can call on six well-equipped service dealers in Spain 25