English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 51

NEXT RENTAL TOTAL EQUIPMENT CARE NEXT RENTAL FROM CRUQUIUS HAS THE LATEST CRAWLER EXCAVATORS FOR LONG-TERM HIRE. MANAGING DIRECTOR LINDA DE GROOT: “MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE A LOW CAPACITIY UTILISATION FOR THEIR OWN MACHINES. HIRING FROM US SOLVES THAT PROBLEM. WITH GROENEVELD AND NOOTEBOOM AS PARTNERS LOW COSTS ARE GUARANTEED, FOR OUR MACHINES AS WELL AS FOR TRANSPORT. But we do much more. Our machines are less than three years old. This means we can guarantee to keep the maintenance costs and fuel consumption low. Our customers can also save on the costs of using their own workshop. We call our concept ‘Total Equipment Care’ because we offer our customers the full package. GROENEVELD AND NOOTEBOOM Linda: “We know from experience that the quality of our suppliers play a part in ensuring the success of our company. That’s why we only work with the best qualified partners. One of those partners is Groeneveld. They provide the automatic lubrication for all our machines. Another much valued partner is Nooteboom. Our 3-axle Nooteboom Pendel-X low-loader is the most efficient trailer for our business. Our driver is able to operate it quickly and safely, the maintenance and tyre costs are low and the residual value is outstanding. That’s how Groeneveld and Nooteboom contribute to the growth of NEXT RENTAL and they do so at the lowest operational costs. All the machines in the fleet of NEXT RENTAL are equipped with Tier 4 final engines. Other options available are: GPS, OilQuick, Hybrid, Semi Long Front, Super Long Front and Ultra High Demolition. Most machines stay in the Netherlands or Belgium, but the machines of NEXT RENTAL are also used in other countries, including Norway, Oman and Surinam – to name but a few.”  ■ WWW.GROENEVELD-GROUP.COM AUTOMATICALLY LUBRICATES BETTER! 51