English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 42

GIANTS ON THE ROAD TER LINDEN TRANSPORT Manoovr now also on Corsica In more and more European countries we see Manoovr semi low-loaders on the road. The latest version with an excavator trough and 80-tonne ramps for the transport of heavy construction machinery is a tremendous success. SARL Transports et Travaux Publics 2B from the Corsican village Valle di Rostino is a new customer of Nooteboom. The MPL-85-05V, with its long suspension stroke and large steering angle, is eminently suitable for the winding and mountainous roads on Corsica. The important advantages of the Manoovr technology, such as its high load capacity and low load floor, were deciding factors in choosing for Nooteboom. Transports et Travaux Publics 2B put the new Manoovr into service at the end of 2018.  ■ MANOOVR TRANSPORTS ET TRAVEUX PUBLICS 2B BKV Four Manoovr’s Manoovr for in the fleet LTR1100 Ter Linden Transport has specialised in the transport of windmills throughout Europe. Every year the company transports more than 200 wind turbines. To transport the wings, tower sections and nacelles Ter Linden has an extensive and modern fleet, including MWT Mega Windmill Transporters. Ter Linden has now also opted for the Manoovr semi low-loader. Their latest investment concerns four MPL-114-07(V) trailers that will be delivered in the spring of 2019. These 7-axle extendible semi- trailers, due to the low load floor, will be mainly used for the transport of nacelles and tower sections. In order to accommodate future developments these semi low-loaders are ready to be used with a Multidolly. ■ Barneveldse Kraanverhuur (BKV) has in recent years grown from a regional player into a company that carries out horizontal as well as vertical transport across Western Europe. Not only is their diversity in cranes impressive, their fleet too – with mostly Nooteboom trailers – is fully up-to- date. BKV are already using Manoovr semi low-loaders and based on the positive experiences the number of Manoovrs is now being added to. The latest additions are a MPL-109-07(V) and a MPL-85-05(V). Both Manoovr semi low-loaders are equipped with an extendible load floor. The 5-axle Manoovr will be used, among other things, to transport the LTR1100 crawler crane with a telescopic mast, weighing around 60 tonnes. The 7-axle Manoovr will be mainly used for the transport of items that are loaded with a crane.  ■ Manoovr Ballasttrailer 42