English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 5

INTRODUCTION “It is our ambition to help our customers to be successful” Ever since Nooteboom was founded, in 1881, the customer has always been the focus of our attention in all we do. In our revised strategy for the coming years we have defined that promise even more clearly: we want to be the most customer-focussed partner, with intelligent, innovative and sustainable transport solutions. Solutions that genuinely are of benefit to our customers. CUSTOMER-FOCUSED INVESTMENT That’s why in the coming years we are going to invest heavily in bringing our multi-purpose trailers up-to-date, with shorter lead times and improved quality. It is our ambition to help our customers as much as we can to be successful in their own business. We can do that by ensuring that our products are of the highest quality, rapidly available and competitively priced. By now our ambitious plans have already taken shape. For instance, we recently took a new welding robot into use, we shortened the chain thanks to in-house laser-guided press brakes and cutting machines, and many more parts of our design and production process are being automated. But of course it’s not just the machinery and technology that count. Our success very much depends on the quality and creativity of our personnel and on continually making the organisation of our work processes smarter. That’s why we now tend to work in small, flexible teams that have a high degree of own responsibility. We are also facilitating the contact of our customers with Nooteboom. By now all customers are organised centrally in Sales & Services and allocated their own contact person. This not only makes it more personal, it will enable the contact person to advise the customer better; whether it concerns the purchase of a new trailer, putting together the most appropriate service package, or trading in a used vehicle. In conclusion: the roadmap for a healthy future of our customers and Nooteboom is in place. We are looking forward to travelling this challenging route with you in the coming years! MARINKA NOOTEBOOM, GENERAL MANAGER 5