English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 47

HISTORY ■  With the Telestep Nooteboom responded to the demand for a lower load floor THE TELETRAILER DELIVERY PROGRAMME The Nooteboom Teletrailer is available in three different versions: the OVB Teletrailer, the OVB Telestep and the OVB Megatrailer. The Teletrailer is used for the transport of long loads such as steel sections, steel/concrete structures and parts of a windmill. All axles fitted on the Teletrailers have turntable steering with hydraulically forced steering via the coupling section. On all trailers in the Teletrailer programme Nooteboom applies the patented system of pre-cambered chassis beams. This system ensures that the load floor is almost perfectly flat in retract- ed as well as extended position. This offers practical advantages when, for instance, containers are loaded. The pre-cambered construction makes it possible to retract and extend the Teletrailers without any ■  problems. Depending on the chosen version the user can choose be- tween air suspension and hydropneumatic suspension. Even more than is the case with other product lines at Nooteboom, the Teletrailers were time after time modified after consultations with customers. Van Santen Transport ordered the first Teletrailer, Jan van Seumeren Sr developed the first Ballasttrailer together with Dick Nooteboom and Ter Linden Transport formulated the requirements for the Super Wing Carrier. Particularly when it comes to the lowest costs per kilometre the robust and manoeuvrable Nooteboom Teletrailers are a cut above the rest. Ultimately it always comes down to the lowest costs again. ■ The very first hydraulically steered Teletrailer was for Van Santen and it was on display at the BedrijfsautoRAI (NL) in 1972 47