English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 32

■ Thanks to the steering of the Nooteboom trailer the combination passes through the narrow roads in Babberich without any problems .
■ Even at night and in bad weather the trailer is easy to operate
■ On the way to the next challenge
FIVE NEW NOOTEBOOM TRAILERS Bennie : “ In 2017 Nooteboom has delivered five new semi-trailers to Vink , in part to replace some older trailers , in part to expand the fleet . My low-loader – a Euro-142-35 ( ICP ) – is the heaviest trailer we have at Vink . In one single day I often transport several machines within the Netherlands . For me it is important that everything is working smoothly and that the vehicle is easy to operate . We don ’ t use the Interdolly that often , but if we do we want the coupling / uncoupling to be quick . Another important feature is the low-loader floor . We drive tracked machinery onto / off the floor . Not all low-loaders can take that sort of stress , especially since we usually load / unload machinery several times a day . I have been working with this Nooteboom low-loader for almost a year now and I know that I can load this floor to the maximum without any problems . Immediately after it was delivered Nooteboom adjusted a few things on the trailer for us , but it has not given us any problems whatsoever . Therefore all our trailers for abnormal transport are Nooteboom trailers .”
HISTORY Founder Henk Vink took over a small towing business in 1927 . In addition to his job as a rebar weaver he transported goods with a horse and cart in the Barneveld area . Due to the good relationship he built with contractors , the business soon had a stable foundation . Henk transported sand for bricklayers , wood for farmers and faggots for bakers . During the past 91 years the yellow vehicles of Vink have become a familiar sight in and around Barneveld . But the transport department is only part of this multifaceted business . Vink is active in waste processing , recycling , demolition , contracting , civil engineering and the installation of tank systems . For the contracting business Vink have their own concrete mortar plant , electrical engineering firm and a soil bank .
COFFEE AND A CHAT On the Derksen site five vehicles are unloaded . The complete set of machines consists of a wood chipper , a shovel , a screen and a conveyor belt . The Vink employees work well together and within an hour the machines are ready to be used . After shredding the wood , the chippings are used as heating fuel or for the production of chipboard . While enjoying a cup of coffee the conversation soon turns to old trucks . Because as well as a modern fleet Vink has a shed full of vintage trucks . With some pride Willem Hardeman says : “ We have several 6x4 tractors of different makes , such as Scania and Magirus-Deutz . But my favourite is the Mercedes-Benz LP 2232 with its mighty V10 diesel engine . Many of these trucks have been exported or scrapped . That ’ s why our LP 2232 is now quite rare . At the moment we are working on a Scania 140 6x4 and recently we added a FTF heavy transport tractor to the collection .” They don ’ t have much time and when they ’ ve finished their coffee everyone is on their way to the next address .
H . Vink & Zonen b . v . is a multifaceted business , active in various construction-related sectors . Experienced drivers and planners working in the transport department manage to move an entire set of machinery from one location to another within a few hours . For them it is important that they can rely on the quality of the tractors and trailers , because if one combination breaks down the entire project will be delayed . On the job in Lobith all the trailers were Nooteboom trailers , because Nooteboom products are reliable and always ready to be put to use . ■