English Course Catalog 2023-2024 | Page 16


AP Literature / Composition

A college level course that focuses on the reading and analysis of literary works and the writing of critical essays. Each semester is designed as an accelerated and enriching experience in analytical and critical thinking. It also pre-supposes that a student is proficient in composition. It is geared to the student who aspires to take the AP exam.

Pre-requisites: 3 units of English credit including 1 unit in American Literature

Grade Levels: 12

Terms Offered: Fall & Spring

Units of Credit: 1.0

Quality Point: 1.0

Dramatic Writing for Film & Television I

Course Description: This course applies skills to culminate in creating and developing dramatic writing for theatrical media with special emphasis on film and television. It includes the development of writing by reading, viewing, and analyzing texts and visual media from a writer’s point of view, with focus on understanding the construction process and including the application of conventions of Standard English grammar and usage.

Note: This course meets fourth English Language Arts core requirement.

Prerequisite: 3 units of English credit, including 1 unit in 9th Literature/Composition and 1 unit in American Literature/Composition

Grade Levels: 12

Units of Credit: 2.0 (1 English + 1 Fine Arts)

Quality Point: 0.0