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20 GAMES AND ACTIVITIES Game 6 GAME 1 When your team is in possession, MINI HANDBALL (3 v 3, 4 v 4, 5 v 5) your goalkeeper should come out of The game is played with the the goalkeeper area and play as an ethos of ‘YOU CAN’. attacker (the goalkeeper must pass • Children can take steps running the ball from inside the area first) to with the ball. have an overload situation – 4 v 3. • Children can touch the goal-line in See figure 1, Anyone can be a the game but can’t have two feet goalkeeper but only one at a time. inside the goalkeeper area. Once the attacking team lose • Children can tackle 1 on 1 to win possession of the ball (either the ball back. Free throws will be through scoring, missing or awarded for preventing attackers misplaced pass), they must return to passing or shooting unopposed. their goalkeeper area, touch the line and then proceed to try to win the ball back. See figure 2 Figure 1 BE PART OF THE EXCITEMENT Figure 2