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11 HOW TO PLAY We’d recommend a netball court as a good space to play try handball with five players a side, using the throw-down markers to define a slightly larger goal area. However, the beauty of try Handball is that you can play it anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with as many players – and for as long – as you want. ATTACKERS DEFENDERS Can: Take three steps with the ball then must pass or shoot Hold onto the ball for three seconds Can’t: Dribble with the ball Must: Shoot within 30 seconds Can: Regain possession of the ball by intercepting a pass or blocking a shot Can’t: Snatch the ball from the attacker’s hand GOALKEEPERS Can: Block the ball with any part of their body in the goal area Leave the goal area ad join the attack Can’t: Leave the goal area in possession of the ball ATTACKERS & DEFENDERS Must: Only use their hands to play the ball FOULS • • Any foul will lead to free pass for the opposition team The offending team must retreat three metres at a free pass PENALTY A penalty is a free throw from one metre outside the goal area. All players apart from the goalkeeper must be behind the penalty taker. IT IS AWARDED IF: • • A defender enters the goal area A foul prevents a goal scoring opportunity BE PART OF THE EXCITEMENT