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Flood Protection Floodstop Modular Barrier System Revolutionary flood protection products that are ideal for quick & effective deployment in the event of a flood to protect homes & businesses. Lightweight, simple to bulk store & eco-friendly, they are a smarter & more effective alternative to the traditional sandbag. Rapidly deployable fl ood defence system Pods are self-balancing with no bolting required ›› Pods are joined with a weighted connection key (supplied) ›› System can be used as leverage to gain fl ood insurance ›› Multi-hub connection pod for easy connection to walls, buildings and creation of corners ›› Absorption: 15-20 Litres ›› Inflation time: 2-3 minutes ›› After use the contents can be deposited into soil without any harmful environmental effect ›› The Floodstop modular barrier system is made of connecting pods that are perfect for protecting driveways, garage doors or the entire perimeter of a building, warehouse or factory. ›› NEW NEW 3 Hydrosacks day delivery Hydrosnakes *carriage for these items are based on quantity & location - call with your requirements Description Model Price ½ Pallet Load - 120 packs (2 Hydrosacks per Pack) HYSA120 £1654.25 Full Pallet Load - 240 packs (2 Hydrosacks per Pack) HYSA240 £3222.25 ½ Pallet Load - 120 packs (2 Hydrosnakes per Pack) HYSN120 £1654.25 Full Pallet Load - 240 packs (2 Hydrosnakes per Pack) HYSN240 £3222.25 Hydrosacks Hydrosnakes Self-Closing Airbricks ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› Model Price 500 x 1000 x 500 FLST500 £242.70* Multi-hub for FLST500 FLSTMH500 £149.35* 900 x 1000 x 750 FLST900 £466.70* Multi-hub for FLST900 FLSTMH900 £242.70* Demountable Flood Barrier System The flood barrier system is made from lightweight & robust aluminium barrier sections that can be fitted across doorways, entryways and open spaces to protect against flood damage. Easy to deploy & dismantle. ›› Auto-closing airbrick that can replace standard airbricks in buildings Allows free air flow under normal conditions to comply with BS493: 1995 Closes off under flood conditions to prevent water entering Design complies with Code for Sustainable Homes Integral mesh stops insects & debris entering inner workings Overall Size - H x L x D mm ›› ›› ›› ›› Fully customisable system that can be tailored to fit specific requirements Standard aluminium panel size: 400H x 1000W x 25D mm (other sizes are available to suit individual requirements) Max height: 1600mm NEW Available with face or reveal fixings depending on frame to be applied to Optional aluminium U channel for uneven ground & demountable or support posts when being installed in larger lengths NEW 3 522 day delivery Description Model Price Terracotta Air brick AIRB01 £56.50 Description Price Demountable Flood Barrier System P.O.A.