EnergySafe Magazine Winter 2018, issue 51 - Page 4

04 Latest news 2018 Apprentice LOTO kit distribution By Sue Sizer, Compliance Officer, Electrical Installation Safety Following a successful 2017 campaign, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) will once again be providing basic Lock out Tag out (LOTO) kits and low voltage insulating gloves to 2018’s first year apprentices. The initiative comes in response to the multiple apprentice and electrical worker deaths over the past few years. The LOTO kits aim to assist apprentices to ensure they safely isolate and lock out and tag out every circuit they are working on − every time. LOTO and glove kits have been distributed by the apprentices’ RTOs from mid-2018. Further information on the LOTO kits is available on ESV’s website at safety. Electrical safety presentations In 2017, ESV published two video presentations addressing safety around electrical work, available on the web page above. The first is aimed at apprentices discussing safety in the industry. The second targets supervisors of apprentices and their responsibilities. If you are a supervisor of an apprentice, please take the time to watch the supervisors’ video. You are reminded that apprentices must always carry out isolation procedures under direct supervision. Requirements for the effective supervision of apprentice electricians ESV has recently updated the requirements for the effective supervision of apprentice electricians. This guide is also available on our website. Low voltage insulating gloves When accessing areas where there is a risk of accidental contact with live parts such as when testing or fault finding, take particular care. In these cases, we recommend using low voltage (LV) insulating gloves. LV insulating gloves, do not negate the need for correct isolation and all circuits should be disconnected from supply before working on the circuit. As part of the LOTO initiative, electrical apprentices will be issued with LV insulating gloves. Their respective RTO will teach them how to check the gloves for damage prior to use, and when and how to use them appropriately. LV insulating gloves mandatory from 2019 From 1 January 2019, the use of LV gloves will become a requirement in the licensing assessments, including the LEA for electricians and the restricted licence assessments. Apprentices should be encouraged to use their gloves on site, both for safety and to familiarise themselves with their use prior to their licensing assessments. The use of LV insulating gloves is a cultural change for our industry, and one that could save many lives.  Negative pressure environment animation By Paul Harris, Head of Gas Operations ESV has developed a short animation for gasfitters explaining what a negative pressure environment is, its effect on open flue gas heaters, how to test for it and mitigate its effects by installing additional ventilation. This animation forms part of an overall strategy that includes a series of Victorian Building Authority (VBA) seminars about carbon monoxide (CO) recently conducted around the Victoria, and a soon-to-be- released learning module on negative pressure and CO spillage tests. Useful information for electricians While the animation aims to provide gasfitters with the skills to both identify and eliminate negative pressure, it is also a timely reminder for electricians. When replacing or installing new extraction fans into buildings with open flue gas heaters, electricians need to advise their clients that the gas heater should be checked to ensure that the new fans have not created a negative pressure environment with the potential to cause the gas heater to spill CO into living spaces. The full video is available on ESV’s website and YouTube channel.  PRESSURE PROVING AND GAS SAFETY SHUT- OFF With the ACCU-TEST II Fully programmable to interlock your fire panel with the gas supply valve. Detect hazardous gases and control ventilation based on room CO2 and other gas levels. With an RFID Access Tap card, no passwords required. Simply and easily add IGD’s comprehensive range of state-of-the-art gas detectors. Visit Call +61 3 9763 6335 Email