EnergySafe Magazine Winter 2018, issue 51 - Page 3

03 For all the latest energy safety news visit WInter 2018 energysafe issue 51 In this issue Features Electrical Our cover: Gas heater serviced by a qualified gasfitter testing for carbon monoxide. Image: Elizabeth Bull. 13 New prescribed categories of electrical equipment 13 End of bushfire season report 13 Relevant safety standard for evaporative coolers 14 Requirements for DC isolators in Victoria 14 Safety alert − RCBO prohibition 16 Your electrical questions answered! 05 Negative pressure and gas heating appliances We look into various types of open flue heaters and the importance of ventilation ESV announces recipients of inaugural Canteen Grants Program with AFL Vic Latest news 04 2018 Apprentice LOTO kit distribution 04 Negative pressure environment animation 06 2018 Wiring Rules available for licensed electrical practitioners 07 ESV TAFE Instructors Excellence Award 2018 09 ESV prosecutes Powercor 09 Take five with ESV’s latest addition 09 ESV releases St Patrick’s Day fires technical reports 10 New Gas Scheme Rules published 12 ESVConnect COES 2019 Click the print button to print single pages or spreads Gas Download to print entire magazine 19 CO − risks and non-compliances 19 New Type A appliance gas information sheets 20 Identified non-compliance breaches 21 Prosecutions and infringements From the Editor 08 Boosting safety in Victorian sports clubs with canteen grants You can now Like ESV on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get important safety updates and ESV news delivered to your news feed. Winter 2018 has really been a watershed moment for open flue heaters. While the detail is still to come, there is no doubt that the rules and regulation around open flue heaters are about to change. ESV, VBA and Master Plumbers have been travelling the state with a series of seminars for gasfitters on issues around negative pressure. A range of other tools and information is now available, particularly around Information Sheet 38. While all this is important for gasfitters, electricians have a role to play too. If you are called upon to install an exhaust fan, especially in a newer or renovated house – and there is an open flue heater – ensure your client understands the issues around a negative pressure environment. You should also encourage them to get their heater serviced at least once every two years. ESV has been busy helping footy and netball club canteens with a grants program for electrical or gas appliances. The program helps the clubs with much needed equipment while, in return, the canteen displays all our safety messages to all those lined up to buy a pie, hot dog or salad sandwich. Finally, ESV has embarked on enforcement action against Powercor over their vegetation clearance program. This was a last resort option for ESV. Powercor have been charged with as many as 189 breaches of tree clearance regulations with the cases due to be heard soon. I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. Didn't help the Pies but that is life. Jonathan Granger  To contact ESV or for further information go to Managing Editor Editor Jonathan Granger Mirna Bukic Contributors Neil Fraser Jean-Marie Ntahonkiriye Jason Treseder Mirna Bukic Simon O’Leary Paul Harris Michael Weber Tyler Mason Naveen Kapoor Laurie Devitt Anitra Robertson Enzo Alfonsetti Robert Skene Sue Sizer Goran Sokoleski Brett Fox Jean-Marie Ntahonkiriye Design Aer Design Authorised and published by Energy Safe Victoria Level 5, 4 Riverside Quay, Southbank, VIC 3006 P 03 9203 9700 E Printed by Southern Colour Copyright All material appearing in EnergySafe is copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part is not permissible without the written permission of Energy Safe Victoria, depending on the source of the article. Liability Howsoever arising as a consequence of use or reliance upon any advice, representations, statement, opinion or conclusion expressed herein is expressly denied by Energy Safe Victoria and all persons involved in the preparation of this publication. ISSN: 2209-3796 (Online)