EnergySafe Magazine Winter 2018, issue 51 - Page 10

10 Latest news New Gas Scheme Rules published By Jason Treseder, Senior Gas Engineer, Type A Gas Appliance & Component Safety All Type A gas appliances sold in Australia are required to meet minimum levels of safety and performance, which are set out in a range of Australian Standards. Ensuring that all appliances sold comply with these requirements is achieved through approved certification schemes. New Scheme Rules have been published that apply to all gas product certification schemes. The rules aim to ensure regulatory expectations are clearly outlined and that a consistent outcome is achieved. The current certification scheme ensures a representative sample of a gas appliance design is assessed against the requirements of the relevant product standard. The certification scheme also requires audits that routinely compare products being sold to the certified design, to ensure the appliance has not changed from the tested and certified design. Once the appliance has successfully undergone the certification process, the appliance is marked with an approval badge. The industry and public use this badge as an indicator that the appliance is certified, and therefore legal to sell and install. Appliance certification details are made available on a publically searchable database to verify that a specified model has the appropriate approvals. Certification performed by an independent company must ensure its certification scheme is accepted by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and all other Australian states and territories for compliance against each regulatory requirement. Currently, recognised certification bodies include the Australian Gas Association (AGA), SAI Global, IAPMO, Global-Mark and Vipac. Under the new Scheme Rules, all individual schemes will require consistency with the Scheme Rules to retain recognition. Many of the Scheme Rules requirements reflect current certification practice. However, there are a number of significant changes, listed below. Important changes to Scheme Rules » » All gas appliances will be required to be marked with a national gas complianc