EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2019, issue 56 - Page 8

Latest news Summer 2019 energysafe issue 56 Know the Drill receives support from fire agencies and Bunnings By David Ranger, Senior Communications Advisor ESV’s summer barbecue campaign – Know the drill before you grill – is back on air. With support from the state’s fire agencies MFB and CFA, we’re calling on everyone to Know the Drill, as warmer weather comes and barbecues begin to light up. The Drill is a series of simple steps that ensure your LP gas cylinder is safe before lighting up your barbecue. “Barbecues are a social occasion, and part of our Australian culture – we want them to be happy times, not marred by fire”, said Victoria’s Director of Energy Safety, Paul Fearon. According to MFB and CFA statistics, firefighters respond to 300 barbecue fires a year. taking a few simple precautions which could mean the difference between a fun family celebration or a trip to the emergency department,” he said CFA Chief Officer and CEO Steve Warrington said the community needs to take a few simple safety precautions before they relax and start cooking. “Summer is just around the corner and it’s going to start heating up soon. We all love a barbecue when it’s hot so it’s important yours is safe,” he said. “If the connections on your barbecue are loose, the hose has perished or the cylinder has been damaged you could be putting your loved ones at risk of serious injury or even death.” MFB Acting CEO/Chief Officer David Bruce said firefighters witness first-hand the very real trauma these incidents can cause. ESV has also secured a trial partnership with Bunnings to distribute our BBQ Kit in their stores. Each kit comprises of a soapy water bottle, magnet, gas cylinder sticker and brochure. They will be available from a select number of stores across Victoria over the summer. “Faulty hoses, leaky gas bottles and poor cleaning practices are just some of the causes of barbecue fires. Most of these incidents can be avoided by “Leaks are common and can be very dangerous,” Mr Fearon said. “Making our soapy water bottles more accessible could help prevent a tragedy.” Know the Drill: » Inspect the hose between the gas cylinder and the barbecue for signs of perishing or cracking – if the hose is cracked or perished, replace it immediately. » Using a squeezy bottle, spray soapy water (use dishwashing liquid and water) on the hose connections. » If bubbles form, check your connections and retest. If bubbles continue to form, do not use the barbecue. » Leak-test the connection to the cylinder every time you connect it or change cylinders. Know the drill before you grill launched on Melbourne Cup weekend and will run throughout summer on regional TV, social media and at 7-Eleven outlets across Melbourne. To get a free soapy water bottle, or find out more about the campaign, head to our website at: The Drill: Three simple steps to take before you light up your next barbecue. 08