EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2019, issue 56 - Page 3 In this issue Features 04 Click the print button to print single pages or spreads Download to print entire magazine From the Editor 10 Director of Energy Safety to step down ESV ramps up powerline inspections Another year over and another opportunity to reflect while also looking forward. Paul Fearon reflects on his decade at the helm. ESV expands audit program in high bushfire risk areas Latest news Electrical 06 ESV moves closer to becoming a commission 07 Long, dry 2020 increases bushfire risk 07 New General Regulations for electrical work 08 ESV announces 2019 Canteen Hero 09 Know the Drill receives support from fire agencies and Bunnings 12 Stay bright, and safe, this Christmas 12 How we performed in 2018-19 13 Infinity cable recall still active 14 Tree climbers get the ESV safety message 14 ESVConnect update 15 New cylinder valve to launch in 2020 16 ESV develops a strategic roadmap for the future 18 New team to strengthen ESV's regulatory oversight 20 Your electrical questions answered We successfully introduced ESVConnect, one of the largest technology solutions ESV has undertaken. ESV continues to respond to the recommendations of the Coroner over open-flued gas heaters, delivering the $1.7 million Be Sure campaign urging people to get their gas heaters serviced. Managing Editor Jonathan Granger Editor Mirna Bukic Design Aer Design Printed by Southern Colour Contributors Neil Fraser, David Ranger, Leesa Anderson, Jason Treseder, Simon O’Leary, Paul Harris, Anitra Robertson, Yuriy Onyschuk, Enzo Alfonsetti, Brett Fox, Michael Miskulin, Adam Murdoch, Dan Tulen, Neil Jenkins, Doug Rennie, Alan Hamilton. Copyright All material appearing in EnergySafe is copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part is not permissible without the written permission of Energy Safe Victoria, depending on the source of the article. Gas 22 AS4575: 2019 22 Clearances to overhead grease filters 23 Non-compliant pipe support systems 23 Gas inspection on extreme fire days Breaches 24 Identified non-compliance 26 ESV prosecutions and infringements Authorised and published by Energy Safe Victoria Level 5, 4 Riverside Quay, Southbank, VIC 3006 P 03 9203 9700 Liability Howsoever arising as a consequence of use or reliance upon any advice, representations, statement, opinion or conclusion expressed herein is expressly denied by Energy Safe Victoria and all persons involved in the preparation of this publication. Cover ESV Line Clearance Assurance team checking powerlines in Victoria. Image by Cat Black. ISSN: 2209-3796 (Online) We increased our compliance inspections around solar installations in line with the Government’s $1.3 billion Solar Homes program, assisted Government with the development of new regulations and prosecuted a MEC for a series of line clearances breaches. Investigations and audits of other regions across Victoria will begin next year. ESV also played a major role in the implementation of the national Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme (EESS). An update is on page 12. We are looking at the future with the pending release of our Future Energy Strategy, a scenario planning report that raises a series of possible energy scenarios with a view to opening a discussion about how regulation may need to change to address associated risks to energy safety. Read more on page 16. Plenty more to read in this edition as well, including our powerline safety checks in bushfire risk areas. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all. May 2020 bring health and happiness. Jonathan Granger 03