EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2019, issue 56 - Page 24

Breaches, prosecutions and infringements Summer 2019 energysafe issue 56 Identified non-compliance breaches By Paul Harris, Head of Gas Operations Gas leak non-compliances are declining. Virtually zero gas leak non-compliances, on gas installations, were identified for the financial year to date. Whereas they averaged three per month in the last financial year. This reduction is good news for the Gas Industry and ESV. ESV does not tolerate gas leaks on gas installations and monitors these events closely. Rating Cause Clause description 1 AS/NZS 5601.1 2013 LOCATION OF CONSUMER PIPING – Piping in a concealed location other than underground or embedded in concrete Clause 5.3.8 23 Non-compliances Breaches » Mechanical joints installed without ventilation to cupboards or in service shaft of high-rise building. » Inaccessible and unventilated ceiling space contains gas valve/filter/sub-meter/regulator. 2 AS/NZS 5601.1 2013 Clause GENERAL INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS – Manufacturer’s installation instructions 20 Non-compliances Breaches Appliances have not been installed in accordance with the requirements of this Standard and the manufacturer’s instructions. 3 AS/NZS 5601.1 2013 USE OF HOSE ASSEMBLIES – Hose assembly – Operating conditions Clause 5.9.5 11 Non-compliances Breaches Hose assemblies have been installed such that they are exposed to a temperature exceeding the maximum temperature specified on the hose, they are not installed to the manufacturer’s instructions and are subject to strain, abrasion, kinking or permanent deformation. 4 AS/NZS 5601.1 2013 GAS APPLIANCE CONNECTION – Means of isolation Clause 6.6.3 7 Non-compliances Breaches Unable to access the isolation valves and regulators located at the back of the appliances. 5 AS/NZS 5601.1 2013 Clause ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION OF SPECIFIC GAS APPLIANCES – Commercial catering equipment -Clearances around commercial catering equipment 6 Non-compliances Breaches The clearance to combustible surfaces from commercial catering equipment noes not comply with the gas appliance manufacturer’s instructions and is not less than the clearance as shown in Standard AS/NZS 5601.2: 2013 in Table 6.10. 6 AS/NZS 5601.1 2013 GENERAL – Identification of pipework – Marking Clause 5 Non-compliances Breaches Identification markings have not been placed at spacings adjacent to branches, junctions, valves, wall and floor penetrations of pipework. 7 AS/NZS 5601.1 2013 Clause 5.3.7 LOCATION OF CONSUMER PIPING – Above-ground piping not to touch the ground 5 Non-compliances Breaches 24 Flexible hose connection to kitchen appliances is less than 50 mm clear of the ground.