EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2019, issue 56 - Page 23 Non-compliant pipe support systems By Alan Hamilton, Gas Safety Officer The main non-compliance surrounding pipe support systems involves undersized threaded rod hangers. This includes supporting single and multiple pipes at the one support point, with undersized diameter rod hangers or non-compliant support spacing, or both. The main concern for plumbing practitioners and gasfitters is that pipe clips, rod hangers, and associated pipe support components are not readily available for support systems greater than 10mm in size. Gas piping support systems are required to comply with the ‘deem to satisfy’ requirements of AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 (Section 5.8). Where a proposed gas piping support system varies from requirements, a Performance-Based Design application (as per Section 2 of AS/NZS 5601.1:2013) can be submitted to ESV for acceptance of that part of the gas installation. A Performance-Based Design application normally starts with the initial GasTrac gas application. In your scope of works, a design for the proposed piping support system should be attached as a separate file within the application. However, if it is in response to an identified non-compliance, the proposed design must be submitted to ESV for review. This will delay the acceptance of the installation, so it’s best practice to avoid non-compliance in the first instance. When making a Performance Based Design application for gas piping support, ESV has a number of expectations and requirements you will need to meet. The first of which is to always submit the design application as a separate document with your gas application and clearly state the document relates to a Performance-Based Design within the installation. ESV Information sheet No.45: Performance-Based Complex Gas Installations provides guidance on making a Performance-Based Design application. Your documentation will also need to include a number of important details clarified in Gas Information Sheet 63: Gas Piping Support Systems and AS/NZS 5601.1:2013. Gas inspection on extreme fire danger days By Paul Harris, Head of Gas Operations For the safety of our staff, ESV gas inspectors may not be carrying out site inspections in known bushfire areas on extreme bushfire risk days. This may lead to the cancellation of scheduled inspections on extreme fire danger days, and will most likely affect rural and country areas. ESV will work with licensed plumbers to achieve a practical solution to achieve acceptance. ESV may also ask licensed plumbers to provide checklists, test results, and photos of the completed work as part of the complex gas application acceptance process. As usual, all gas installations and installations issued with a final acceptance without inspection may be audited once the fire risk has passed. ESV asks for your cooperation and patience for the fire season ahead. For the specific requirements for your installation, always refer to the relevant clause in AS/NZS 5601.1:2013. Alternatively, contact ESV’s Technical Information line on 1800 652 563 or at 23