EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2019, issue 56 - Page 13

Infinity cable recall still active By Adam Murdoch, Head of Electrical Equipment Safety & Efficiency Victorian electrical contractors are reminded that although it’s been five years since the recall of non-compliant Infinity brand cable, this recall is still active. If this cable is identified during electrical work, the installation owner must be notified and the cable replaced. The Australian Consumer Competition Commission (ACCC) originally announced the recall on 27 August 2014 because of the risk fire or electric shock. The recall covers various sizes and configurations of TPS and Orange round Infinity mains power cables. Olsent power cables sourced from Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd are also included in the recall. In Victoria the national retailers that sold this cable were: » Masters Home Improvement » John Danks & Son trading as Home Timber & Hardware, Plants Plus and Thrifty-Link Hardware » Mitre 10 & Go Electrical. Since the national recall was published, all Victorian suppliers that supplied the affected cables have voluntarily recalled the product: Eighteen national suppliers were involved in the recall and six suppliers in Victoria were identified to have bought this product from Infinity Cables. » » » » » » ABC Arian Electrical Suppliers Norcab Electrical Wholesale Titan Trading Wholesale Electrical Supplies Pty Ltd Phoenix Wholesalers Nova Electrical Supplies. If electricians have not done so already, they should contact any affected customers to advise of the recall. You may also receive calls from customers inquiring if this product was used at their premises. There is no immediate danger to Victorian householders but the cable needs to be replaced or rectification works undertaken to ensure long-term electrical safety. If consumers are concerned, they should phone a licensed electrician to ask if the cable was used in their home. If you have safety concerns, you can phone ESV on 03 9203 9700. ProTag PrimeTest Elite Australia’s Most Advanced Test & Tag System  High Definition Colour Display  In-Built Camera with Flash  USB for Data Up/Down Load  Bluetooth For Printer & Scanner The new ProTag Elite System tests portable appliances & RCDs, takes asset photos, prints Elite UV resistant test tags & downloads results to PC. Mains & battery powered. Faster testing & asset management for mining, construction, factories & workshops. Sydney Melbourne Tel 02 9519 3933 Tel 03 9889 0427 Fax 02 9550 1378 Fax 03 9889 0715 email Brisbane Tel 07 3275 2183 Fax 07 3275 2196 Adelaide Perth Tel 08 8363 5733 Tel 08 9361 4200 Fax 08 83635799 Fax 08 9361 4300 web EMONA