EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2019, issue 56 - Page 12

Latest news Summer 2019 energysafe issue 56 Stay bright, and safe, this Christmas How we performed in 2018-19 By Goran Sokoleski, Senior Engineer – Market Intelligence & Enforcement By Jonathan Granger, Head of Communications and Marketing With Christmas just around the corner, ESV is urging consumers to take care when they purchase lights and other electrical decorations. Energy Safe Victoria’s Corporate Plan and our Annual Report for 2018-19 can now be accessed on the ESV website. Recently, we conducted a compliance audit of Christmas lights at speciality stores across Melbourne and audited 140 items. We were pleased that only two products were identified as non-compliant which is a below average non-compliance rate. It is believed that the newly-introduced Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) legislation is the reason for this below average non-compliance rate. The non-compliant products did not have the Regulatory Compliant Mark (RCM) – pictured below – on the rating label. If consumers are considering buying products online they are encouraged to check if the product is registered on the EESS website, by going to before making a purchase. Also, ESV is encouraging consumers to carefully inspect any old Christmas decorations to ensure they are in good condition before they are plugged into power. If there is any damage to the insulation of the cables, or if there is fraying, ESV recommends that the plug should be cut off and the lights disposed of. ESV is now considering taking regulatory action against the supplier of these products. Even though the results of the compliance audit revealed that suppliers of Christmas lights are supplying compliant products, ESV is still encouraging consumers to carefully check any Christmas decorations they wish to buy to make sure they carry the RCM symbol. This ensures that the product has been tested and certified to the relevant Australian safety standard. What to look for: Regulatory Compliant Mark (RCM) These two documents provide a detailed account of our performance over the past financial year and outline our vision for the next three years as we continue to deliver real differences in the safety outcomes for all Victorians. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Black Saturday Bushfires and it was a stark reminder of our on-going obligation to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire caused by electricity assets. The community expects its regulators, including ESV, to keep raising the standards associated with the way risks are managed to achieve safer outcomes. This is even more critical in the face of climate change, emerging technologies and a transforming energy industry. To meet these challenges, ESV must anticipate and constantly refine the tools and powers at our disposal. Our Corporate Plan outlines how we will continue ESV’s journey from a small technical and specialist regulator to one that has a broader and deeper set of skills to do its job more effectively. Key areas of focus include: » Ensuring electricity infrastructure businesses are mitigating the risk of catastrophic fire » Improving electricity, gas and pipeline infrastructure safety » Ensuring complex gas fitting and electrical work complies with safety standards » Building on community awareness around the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning The Annual Report and the Corporate Plan can be accessed at 12