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03 For all the latest energy safety news visit Summer 2018 energysafe issue 49 In this issue Features 05 Using humour to treat young burns victims ESV partners with Clown Doctors to support Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne burns unit. Latest news 04 ESVConnect COES workshops 04 Tragic death prompts new call to Look Up and Live 06 Butane safety this summer 07 Testing space heaters for spillage of carbon monoxide and a warning for electricians 07 Arborcamp 2018 Electrical Our cover: Dr. Popoff and Dr. Doctor, Clown Doctors from the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Photo: Sarah Walker. From the Editor A very sad and tragic start to the year with the two deaths and a coroner’s investigation into a third. A young electrician was electrocuted after coming into contact with live parts. A truck driver died after the tipper of his truck brought down powerlines and the coroner is about to begin investigating the carbon monoxide poisoning death of a woman. Each incident as tragic as the other. ESV has been campaigning and pushing its safety messages hard for many years in the hope that we don’t have to see these kind of tragedies. Sadly however accidents happen. The call has never been stronger: Don’t Work Live: never work with or adjacent to live parts, its not worth the risk Carbon Monoxide is a Silent Killer: encourage everyone you know to get their indoor gas heater serviced regularly and checked by a licensed gasfitter, and Look Up and Live: Anyone using large machinery, particularly on farms must check for powerlines before work begins. Everyone needs to take greater account of safety in their day-to-day work, both tradies and Victorians in general. These incidents are avoidable. So please, be careful. Speak up if you feel pressured into potentially dangerous situations, don’t accept the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. Get home safe to your friends and family. I hope we never have a beginning to the year like this again. Jonathan Granger You can now Like ESV on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get important safety updates and ESV news delivered to your news feed. Click the print button to print single pages or spreads Download to print entire magazine To contact ESV or for further information go to Managing Editor Jonathan Granger Contributors Anitra Robertson John Stolk Tyler Mason Jason Treseder Paul Harris Richard Millership Michael Miskulin Enzo Alfonsetti William Hajjar Adam Murdoch Dan Tulen Design 08 Young electrician dies working near live parts 08 New Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme legislation published 08 PVC electrical cable contacting polystyrene products 10 Your electrical questions answered! 11 Your COES questions answered! Aer Design Authorised and published by Energy Safe Victoria Level 5, 4 Riverside Quay, Southbank, VIC 3006 P 03 9203 9700 E Printed by Southern Colour Gas 12 AS/NZS 5601.2 amendment 3 draft for public comment 12 Standards Australia Committee AG−013 — making a difference 12 Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Safety Management Report published 13 Identified non-compliance breaches 14 Prosecutions and infringements Copyright All material appearing in EnergySafe is copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part is not permissible without the written permission of Energy Safe Victoria, depending on the source of the article. Liability energysafe is going green! Help us save the trees by reading energysafe magazine online. If you wish to change your subscription preferences, simply head to Howsoever arising as a consequence of use or reliance upon any advice, representations, statement, opinion or conclusion expressed herein is expressly denied by Energy Safe Victoria and all persons involved in the preparation of this publication.