EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2018, issue 49 - Page 11

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Summer 2018 energysafe issue 49

Q & As on Certificates of Electrical Safety

I am one of six maintenance
You would be responsible for :
Electricity Safety
electricians employed by a company .
Act 1998
Recently our electrical supervisor left , I have now been asked to become the responsible person for the administration of the periodic certificate .
What would I be responsible for , as I am not the electrical supervisor ?
I ’ m an A grade electrician and I ’ ve recently been hired by a Hospital in regional Victoria as an electrician in their engineering team . I was a REC but I have closed my business .
How do I meet my obligations to complete Certificates of Electrical Safety when the Hospital is not a REC ?
a . purchasing the Periodic Certificate of Electrical Safety on behalf of the company
b . checking the certificate to ensure the work details are entered and count the number of jobs completed at lodgement , and
c . signing section 1 of the certificate , Lodging the certificate within the required time frame and returning the certificate along with all relevant information to ESV within the required time frame .
The person administering the certificate is not responsible for the supervision or compliance of the electrical work carried out by other licensed electrical workers .
Each licensed electrical worker is responsible for the electrical work they perform , they are required to test their work and ensure the work is recorded on the certificate .
An employer can employ licenced electricians to perform electrical installation work in the premises they own or occupy , they are exempted from holding registration as an Electrical Contractor .
A licensed Electrical Worker ( LEW ) uses their licence user ID to purchase and lodge the Certificates of Electrical Safety for the electrical work they perform . Under this arrangement the LEW is both the responsible person as well as the licensed electrical worker .
Electricity Safety Act 1998
Regulation 45A
Section 36 ( 2 )
A REC that has undertaken a contract to install new equipment at a company ’ s premises .
The company also employs an electrician that maintains electrical equipment and uses a periodic certificate for the non-prescribed electrical installation work .
Can the REC enter the non-prescribed electrical work he installs on the company ’ s periodic certificate ?
No , the Periodic Certificate of Electrical Safety ( P-COES ) applies to non-prescribed electrical installation work carried out by the electrician employed by the owner at the premises occupied by an employer in the regular course of conducting a business and who is exempted from holding registration as an Electrical Contractor .
The REC undertaking the contract must supply a COES for his work .
Electricity Safety Act 1998
Section 36 ( 2 )