EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2018/19, issue 52 - Page 5 Our new barbecue safety campaign; Know The Drill Before You Grill, launched in early November on regional free-to-air TV, catch-up TV, CALD community radio and social media. The campaign builds on the success of the Look Before You Cook campaign, which did a great job in raising awareness about barbecue safety over the past six years. The ‘drill’ in the campaign title refers to the steps you need to take to check your LP Gas cylinder before lighting up your barbecue – focussing on the soapy water test. The campaign was developed by advertising agency DPR&Co, who recently won the Australian Marketing Institute award for their TAFE commercial Chase your calling, for Chisholm Institute. DPR&Co developed our campaign’s creative to focus on the motif of a burnt LP Gas cylinder to highlight the number of LP Gas barbecue fires over the summer period. The television commercial opens with a line of burnt LP Gas cylinders, like a row of breadcrumbs, along a suburban street. The camera follows the line to an ordinary suburban house, while the voiceover informs us that there are over 100 gas barbecue fires over summer in Victoria, with some of these fires turning into house fires. The vision leads the viewer up the driveway into the back garden, where a soapy water test is being carried out on the barbecue's LP Gas cylinder. The commercial ends with a group of family and friends enjoying their barbecue after successfully completing the test. Further information is available on our website at: Know the Drill Before You Grill will run on regional free to air TV, catch up TV and social media from November until the end of January 2019, with peaks during holiday periods. Easy as one, two, three: simple steps that can help avoid gas fires If you see bubbles, turn the gas off 05