EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2018/19, issue 52 - Page 3 In this issue Features 4 From the Editor 19 New barbecue safty campaign launched—do you know the drill? The gloves are on— for electrical licensing assessments Latest news Electrical 06 Electrical Installation work audit results for 2017 08 One hundred years of electricity supply 09 The Block 10 Gas cylinder valve change to cut leaks 11 ESV Zero Tolerance strategy 11 Type B gas appliance audits begin 12 EESS empowering consumers of electrical goods 12 Revised AS 3814 published 14 The emergency of H 2 as an energy source 15 Testing the technical skills of our plumbing apprentices 15 Electrical safety hazards guide published 16 ESV Gas Safety Officers traveling the distance to keep Victoria safe 17 Company fined $300,000 after apprentice electrocuted 18 30 year anniversary of mandatory RCDs a good reminder to test 18 ESVConnect update 20 Your electrical questions answered Gas 22 Revisions to AS 4575 Gas Appliances—Quality of Servicing 23 Empowering Victorians to manage open flued gas heaters Breaches 24 Identified non-compliance breaches 26 Prosecutions and infringements Managing Editor Jonathan Granger Editor Mirna Bukic Design Aer Design Printed by Southern Colour Contributors Paul Fearon, David Granger, Andrew Burgdorf, David Bibby, Jason Treseder, Simon O’Leary, Paul Harris, Michael Weber, Tyler Mason, Adam Murdoch Laurie Devitt, Enzo Alfonsetti, Sue Sizer, Rob Oldfield Copyright All material appearing in EnergySafe is copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part is not permissible without the written permission of Energy Safe Victoria, depending on the source of the article. Authorised and published by Energy Safe Victoria Level 5, 4 Riverside Quay, Southbank, VIC 3006 P 03 9203 9700 E Liability Howsoever arising as a consequence of use or reliance upon any advice, representations, statement, opinion or conclusion expressed herein is expressly denied by Energy Safe Victoria and all persons involved in the preparation of this publication. Cover Gas heater serviced by a qualified gasfitter testing for carbon monoxide. Image: Elizabeth Bull. Like ESV on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get important safety updates and ESV news delivered to your news feed. Barbecue season is upon us. While this is a great time of year for a lot of Victorians, it’s worth keeping in mind that CFA and MFB respond to as many as 100 house fires throughout the summer, caused by barbecue gas bottles. These fires are easily avoidable. By simply checking the gas connection and the condition of the bottle, people can avoid gas leaks and the devastating fires that can follow. This is the message of ESV’s new Know The Drill Before You Grill campaign. It’s an important message that I hope you all share whenever you go to a barbecue. The campaign comes just as Standards Australia looks at mandating the use of the ‘quick connect coupling’ on gas cylinders. Already used in the US and New Zealand, the coupling prevents gas escaping if the cylinder is not connected but still turned on. The issue came to prominence in November when the Victorian Coroner released findings into a man who was killed after an explosion in his van caused by open gas cylinders. Further on the campaign front; ESV is also developing a new carbon monoxide awareness campaign. After a recommendation from the Victorian Coroner, ESV is updating the CO is a Silent Killer message with a new campaign that empowers people to manage their open flued gas heater. We should be ready to launch by May 2019. RCDs are still in the news. It’s their 30th birthday. Three decades since they were made mandatory in domestic installations. You can help celebrate the milestone by testing your RCD and getting friends and family to do the same. In this edition we also publish the results of our annual audit of non-prescribed electrical installation work. Find out what the top 10 defects were and what postcodes they come from. Happy Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. Jonathan Granger ISSN: 2209-3818 (Print) 03