EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2018/19, issue 52 - Page 18

Electrical news 30 year anniversary of mandatory RCDs a good reminder to test By Andrew Burgdorf, Compliance Officer, Electrical Installation Safety It is almost 30 years since RCDs became mandatory in domestic installations. The 30 year anniversary acts as a good reminder for electricians attending properties to carry out electrical work, to test all existing RCDs and RCBOs to ensure they are operating as they should be. Clause 8.3.10 of AS/NZS 3000:2018 outlines a number of different testing methods. As an installation ages, the likelihood of an RCD or RCBO becoming faulty increases. A faulty RCD may mean the home and its occupants are not protected. While attending a property, it is a good opportunity to discuss the importance of ensuring RCDs and RCBOs are regularly tested with homeowners to ensure safety. This is as easy as demonstrating to them how to test the RCD. Electricians can advise residents to test every six months, or even add it to the list of things to do when changing their smoke detector batteries. ESV recommends that all domestic installations have protection on all final sub-circuits in line with AS/NZS 3000:2018. clause 2.1.2(f) which requires that RCDs and RCBOs be installed as per manufacturer's specifications. Note: Various installations including, but not limited to patient areas and construction sites, may require additional RCD testing to that of AS/NZS 3000. ESVConnect is our new online place for interacting with industry. Early next year, ESVConnect will be available for: » Registering Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES) » Registration and renewal of Electrical Contractors (REC) » Licensing and renewal of Electrical Workers (LEW) Employers of electrical workers, and RECs, will be able to nominate an Operator with their own independent log in details. The Operator will be able to prepare a Certificate of Compliance for a Licenced Electrical Worker to certify, and assist in selecting LEIs for the inspection of prescribed electrical installation work. You can already use ESVConnect to register Cathodic Protection Systems. Password recovery One login 360° view One major change from the current Online Services system is the way to login. ESVConnect provides individuals with a 360° view of all licences, registrations and certificates from ESV. ‘There is one login to view all your electrical licence and registration details, the full view of certificates of electrical safety you have an association with, as well as relationships to organisations. The rule is never provide your log in details to anyone else.’ David Bibby, ESVConnect COES Subject Matter Expert New roles ESVConnect for COES will introduce new roles, so no one will ever needs to share their personal login details (user name and password). One new feature of the COES process is the ‘Operator’ role. ESVConnect users can create their own passwords. If you forget your username or password, you will be able to auto recover via your registered email account. ESVConnect ready Over the last few months, we have been asking electrical workers to update their email addresses in Online Services, so that we can let you know when ESVConnect for Licensing, Registration and Certificates of Electrical Safety goes live. Nice work everyone! We now have email addresses on record for 90% of our licenced workers. What’s next The next step is to test the email addresses we have to verify they are active and connect us with the right people. In December, we will send the first of a series of emails to help you get ready, so please keep an eye out. If you do not receive it in your Inbox or Spam, please log in to Online Services and review your details, or contact us at licensing@energysafe. or 1800 815 721. The ESVConnect Project team welcomed Matt Davies in the role of Product Owner earlier this month. Matt replaces Trish Zupan who led the ESVConnect project from the outset (early 2015). For a list of compliant RCDs and RCBOs, visit 18 ‘Trish made a valuable contribution to ESVConnect, establishing a system that will serve us well for years to come’ Neil Fraser, Deputy Director and ESVConnect Product Manager