EnergySafe Magazine Summer 2018/19, issue 52 - Page 16

Latest news Summer 2018/19 energysafe issue 52 ESV Gas Safety Officers traveling the distance to keep Victoria safe By Michael Weber, Data Analyst, Gas and Pipeline Strategy ESV’s Gas Safety Officers (GSOs) are responsible for completing site assessments across Victoria, traveling considerable distances to support the needs of industry and the community. As well as a great deal of work behind the scenes assessing gas applications, GSOs travel far and wide to complete the site assessment of higher risk gas work, before granting final acceptance and gas supply to complex gas installations. Approximately five GSOs are scheduled to perform inspections at any one time via a roster. A review of ESV’s Gas Operations department activities for July 2018 revealed the following information. As the majority of complex gas work is carried out in the metropolitan areas, so individual distances travelled to inspection sites are not significant on there own; however, in July 2018 GSOs travelled a total of 47,814km for scheduled inspections. If we add the additional distance travelled for re-inspections, that is, where non- compliances were identified on initial inspection, the total for July 2018 hits 52,294km. The average round trip distance for inspections is 139km, with a variance of as little as 6km to a metropolitan inspection site and as much as 1134km to regional sites, such as Robinvale in North East Victoria. GSO Scheduled Inspections (initial) Average Distance per Inspection (km) 1 10 9238 924 2 40 6694 167 3 25 5762 230 4 44 5220 119 5 31 4224 136 6 45 3500 78 7 45 3326 74 8 33 3204 97 9 30 2808 94 10 4 1142 286 11 15 1008 67 12 18 792 44 13 2 622 311 14 Total 1 274 274 343 47,814 139 Distances travelled during July 2018. During July 2018, GSOs attended 375 inspections equating to around 19 inspections per working day carried out by roughly five GSOs. Inspection scheduling efficiencies are improved by grouping work together based on geographical location. GSOs also fly to Mildura as required to service the North West of Victoria. With all this travel, two thirds of inspections are within 50km distance of ESV’s Glen Waverley office, while the remainder is spread across the state. 16 Total Distance Travelled (km)