EnergySafe Magazine Autumn 2015, issue 39 - Page 9

09 For all the latest energy safety news visit Autumn 2015 energysafe issue 39 Don’t get cold feet this winter By Sharon Rainsbury, Executive Manager Media and Communications ESV has filmed a hard-hitting new television commercial warning of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. The new ad has the simple message that a faulty gas heater can leave you cold. It includes a stark image of cold, blue feet with a toe tag to illustrate that carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. The ad then shows a wall heater and central heating units being tested for carbon monoxide to illustrate how easy it is to get a licensed gasfitter to service your heater every two years “to keep your family safe”. Family tragedy Created by Melbourne advertising agency Redhanded, the new ad will be launched at the start of winter—five years since Mooroopna brothers Chase and Tyler Robinson died in their home from carbon monoxide poisoning. ESV’s long-running carbon monoxide awareness ad, featuring the boys’ parents, Scott and Vanessa Robinson, is running in cinemas across May. In the years since this tragic event, thousands of Victorians have heeded ESV’s warnings and had their heaters serviced. But it’s not enough to get your heater serviced once—it needs to become part of regular household maintenance and should be scheduled every two years. Lights, camera, action: The crew prepares to film the hard-hitting scene in ESV’s new commercial that graphically illustrates that CO poisoning can be deadly, while ESV gas inspector Simon Prouse (right) shows how a CO test should be done as part of regular appliance servicing. SV can supply free brochures E  and fridge magnets to remind your customers of the importance of regular appliance servicing. Click here to email an order. Growing a culture of safety through Arborcamp By Gary Wright, Auditor Safety Systems ESV took its Don’t put your life on the line message directly to vegetation workers when it attended Arborcamp in February. Arborcamp is Victoria’s peak arboriculture conference. It is convened annually by the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation and this year was held at Gembrook’s Gilwell Park. ESV’s Rob Oldfield and Jim Robinson delivered a safety seminar to around 80 arborists from around the state. Their presentation emphasised the effects of electricity on the human body, the legislative framework, training requirements for vegetation workers and safety rules that apply when working in different scenarios and for different categories of clients. A comprehensive Q&A session followed that highlighted the need for a forum to promote suitable industry training, hazard awareness and the establishment of sound, safe work practices when working near electrical assets. Don’t put your life on the line ESV launched its Don’t put your life on the line campaign following the death of a young vegetation worker in Highett in 2014. He was electrocuted when a branch he was clearing contacted high voltage electric lines. The campaign was designed to inform vegetation workers of electrical hazards when working near overhead lines, with a particular focus on private contractors and those new to the industry. Typically such groups don’t have the same level of awareness or training as those employed by distribution businesses or councils. ESV is advertising in industry publications and is also currently producing brochures, stickers and other merchandise to promote the message.  request free safety T o information and merchandise for your workplace click here High stakes: ESV’s Jim Robinson and Rob Oldfield talking with Arborcamp participants about the dangers of working near electricity.