EnergySafe Magazine Autumn 2015, issue 39 - Page 4

04 Editorial From the editor Managing editor Sharon Rainsbury Editor Michelle Robertson Contributors Michelle Robertson Michael Weber Neil Fraser Enzo Alfonsetti John Stolk John Murphy Darren Tilley Laurie Devitt Paul Harris Len Varker Charlotte Roseby Naveen Kapoor Jason Treseder Gary Wright Editorial assistant Janice Williams Design Aer Design Authorised by Energy Safe Victoria Building 2, 4 Riverside Quay Thanks to everyone who has recently “liked” ESV on Facebook and helped us spread our important safety messages by sharing our posts. Over the coming weeks, we’re aiming to make our Facebook messages more targeted and relevant to our main stakeholders by creating two new pages—one for electricians and one for gasfitters. We plan to use these two new pages to provide you with safety and technical information that is most relevant to your work, while still keeping general safety information on our corporate Facebook page for the broader community. We’ll keep you up to date with issues that af