EnergySafe Magazine Autumn 2015, issue 39 | Page 16

16 Electrical news New handbook for working on lifts includes electrical guidelines By Michelle Robertson, Senior Media and Communications Advisor WorkSafe has produced a new handbook titled Lift work on construction projects that includes information for electrical workers in line with the Electricity Safety Act 1998. It provides advice for employers, employees, health and safety representatives and all those with a role in health or safety about controlling risks associated with the installation or refurbishment of lifts on construction projects. Specific electrical guidelines for lift work Any lift work undertaken on or near energised electrical installations is high risk construction work and a SWMS must be developed for the work and followed. Where the electrical equipment operates at voltages less than 50 Volts AC or 120 Volts ripple-free DC, include in the SWMS that the risk of electric shock is controlled by use of extra-low voltage. Electricity safety laws also apply when electrical installation work is undertaken as part of lift work, including section 43 (4) of the Electricity Safety Act 1998, that states: “A person carrying out electrical installation work must ensure that— (a)  ll electrical circuits or electrical equipment a handled in the course of that work are disconnected from the electricity supply; or, New licence fees The costs of electrical licence applications and renewals will rise from 1 July following the annual increase in the base fee unit, set by the Department of Treasury and Finance. The Department has determined that the value of a fee unit for the 2015–16 financial year Licence REC Renewal period will be $13.60, a rise of 36 cents. The full list of price changes is detailed below. The cost for an exemption application made under regulation 401 of the Electricity Safety (Installation) Regulations 2009 will increase from $77 to $80. Fee to 30 June 2015 Updated fees from 1 July 2015 LEI Renewal 5 years $275 $282 New application 5 years $573 $588 Renewal 5 years $275 $282 New application LEW Notes 5 years $573 $588 Renewal (A) Electrician’s Licence 5 years $184 $189 New application (A) Electrician’s Licence 5 years $368 $378 Renewal only—(ES) Electrician (Supervised) Licence 5 years $184 $189 New Application (L) Supervised Worker’s Licence Up to 3 years $221 $226 Renewal only (O) Occupiers Licence 5 years $184 $189 Renewal (REL) Disconnect/ Reconnect 5 years $275 $282 New application (REL) Disconnect/Reconnect 5 years $573 $588 New application (SG) Switchgear Worker’s Licence 5 years $368 $378 Renewal (SG) Switchgear Worker’s Licence Lineworkers & Spotters Not required as yet No change If not renewed on time application for a Supervised Worker’s Licence required If not renewed on time no longer available (b)  dequate precautions are taken to prevent a electric shock or other injury in the handling of electrical circuits or electrical equipment in the course of that work.” Where reasonably practicable, disconnect the electricity supply from circuits and equipment (isolation) and, describe in the SWMS how isolation is achieved and how it will be maintained. When the electricity supply is not isolated, including for electrical fault-finding, the SWMS must describe the safety measures to be implemented to control the risks of electric shock. Guidance on isolation and safety measures can be found in AS/NZS 4836—Safe work on low-voltage electrical installations. While the handbook provides advice on a number of aspects associated with lift work, it is not exhaustive nor does it address all potential risks. Issues associated with the installation of escalators, moving walkways or stairway lifts are also not covered. Nothing in the handbook overrides the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to the safe design or operation of a lift. lick here to download Lift work C  on construction projects Warning about bogus electrician Energy Safe Victoria is warning residents in Coburg to be wary of a bogus tradesman who pretends to be an electrician and is carrying out dangerous electrical work. Samson Sahinidis, of Coburg, was convicted and fined $6000 in the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court on 22 April for doing unlicensed electrical work and installing unsafe electrical equipment. It was the third time he has been prosecuted by ESV in the past decade for pretending to be an electrician. Sahinidis has never held an electrician’s licence but his father is a properly licensed electrician. The Director of Energy Safety, Paul Fearon, urged anyone needing electrical work to avoid contact with Samson Sahinidis as he was leaving )