EnergySafe Magazine Autumn 2015, issue 39 | Page 15

15 For all the latest energy safety news visit Non-compliant electrical constructions recalled By Naveen Kapoor, Compliance Officer ESV is warning consumers about electrical safety hazards associated with two products. The products are plastic body portable room heaters imported by GAF Control Australia Pty Ltd (pictured above) and portable garden blowers, model OZBL1800WA, supplied by Ozito Australia Pty Ltd. Both suppliers have had the products recalled. ESV strongly advises suppliers of electrical goods to establish quality control procedures and seek expert assistance to check and advise whether the goods imported are the same as approved. If a supplier does not have firm control over the processes and supplies, they are vulnerable to potential breaches of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 including a costly process of recalling the faulty or unsafe product. Portable heaters affected by the recall GAF Control supplied the faulty heaters through various Australian retailers from 1 April 2012. The specific heaters are marked with the approval number SAA120201EA and approximately 130,000 heaters are being recalled. The potential hazards associated include risk of fire and burns. To date, no injuries have been reported. Some of the major non-compliances identified include failure to comply with the flammability requirements of the Australian standard, and changes in the internal wiring that can contact moving or oscillating parts of the heater. Complaints from consumers prompted the supplier and its distributor to retest the heaters. It is believed that changes to the plastic materials and construction of the heaters mean they no longer comply with AS/NZS 60335.2.30. Customers who purchased the identified heaters are advised to immediately stop using them and contact their point of purchase or GAF Control Australia Pty Ltd for further assistance in relation to this recall. Garden blowers affected by the recall Ozito Australia Pty Ltd is recalling more than 100,000 units of its portable garden blower, model OZBL1800WA. The supplier is currently aware of a number of minor injuries arising from the failure of the equipment. The supplier has identified changes in the composition of the impeller material. These changes may cause the impeller to fail during its operation, and cause damage to the blower housing. The associated risks include access to live parts and injury from sharp or damaged fragments of the impeller and plastic housing. The faulty products were sold by Bunnings in Australia and New Zealand between 2009 and 2012. For more information on this recall, click here. Autumn 2015 energysafe issue 38 Infinity cable: ACCC says act now The ACCC has issued another reminder that homes or buildings containing Infinity cable must be checked by an electrician. As of 26 March, only 179 premises nationwide had been rectified and only five per cent of the supplied cable had been remediated. Last year a recall was announced of all sizes and configurations of TPS and Orange Round mains power cables sourced from Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd and supplied under the Infinity and Olsent brand names.  The products fail to meet electrical safety standards due to poor quality plastic insulation coating that degrades prematurely, causing a risk of electric shock, electrocution and fire. Infinity cable was supplied in Victoria between 2012 and 2013 through Masters Home Improvement, John Danks & Son (trading as Home Timber & Hardware, Plants Plus and Thrifty-Link Hardware) Mitre 10, Go Electrical and six smaller retailers: »» ABC Arian Electrical Suppliers »» Norcab Electrical Wholesale »» Titan Trading »» All 4 Tradies Pty Ltd »» Wholesale Electrical Supplies Pty Ltd »» Phoenix Wholesalers Suppliers recalling the cable are required to meet the cost of rectification works under the recall and electricians who used this product should contact their supplier before commencing removal. Any unused product should be returned to the supplier.  Information about recalls F  or go to Do not mix and match switchboard components Cubic-Modulsystem A/S has written to switchboard manufacturers and ESV to advise that Cubic/e brand busbar systems cannot be used in non-Cubic switchboard assemblies. This is a timely reminder that in order to ensure any switchboard assembly complies with the requirements of the standard, only type tested and compatible components can be used. In the last two years there have been five serious incidents involving switchboards. Many have failed because they were not assembled as designed and—in some cases— did not comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 3439—series Switchboards, AS/NZS 60529— Degrees of Protection and AS/NZS 60947 Series—Low Voltage switchgear. The Electricity Safety Act 1998 requires that a person must not supply or offer to supply electrical equipment unless the equipment complies with the minimum standards prescribed for the equipment. This means that any switchboard assembled from components, either on site or in the factory, must comply with the standard. Ask your supplier for compliance documents for the completed unit. Do not assume tested components when combined will comply.