EnergySafe Magazine Autumn 2015, issue 39 | Page 20

20 Gas news Plumbing apprenticeship training: a new direction by Laurie Devitt, Gas Inspector A recent industry partnership between the Master Plumbers Mechanical Services Association of Australia and the Plumbing Trades Employees Union (PTEU) has resulted in a new plumbing apprenticeship training program and heralds a new era of training for the plumbing trade. The board of this new partnership, which oversees training delivery at the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC), consists of representatives from both organisations. The plumbing industry is investing heavily in training and education, in order to ensure and maintain a high standard of training and plumbing skills. This initiative reflects the level of co-operation that exists across the plumbing industry, and is a genuinely innovative development. It is training designed, developed and delivered by the industry to the industry. Group scheme hosts, plumbing employers, the PTEU and industry stakeholders have provided feedback about the best ways in which to deliver skilled apprentices to the industry at all year levels. The new three-year apprentice training program is a mixture of structured RTO training and assessment, and on-the-job training. This program began in February 2015 with a pilot group of 12 apprentices. A second group of apprentices commenced in April 2015 and a third group will follow in August 2015. Plumbing industry training apprentices with trainers Garry Waters (left) and Cameron Horsey (right). The second year of this apprenticeship will be delivered in 2016 and the third year in 2017. Competencies for the qualification have been grouped into three skill stages: »» Apprenticeship Year 1— Stage 1: Foundation plumbing skills. »» Apprenticeship Year 2— Stage 2: Installation plumbing skills. »» Apprenticeship Year 3— Stage 3: Trades plumbing skills. ESV wishes to congratulate all the parties involved with the development of this apprentice training program and wishes all the apprentices enrolled a bright future. Don’t sign off until the job is done By Paul Harris, Manager Gas Operations Signing a Compliance Notice (Schedule 11) prior to the completion of your gas installation is an offence. Gas Installation and Appliance Safety (GIAS) Operations has noticed an increase in the number of signed off gas applications that are received prior to the installation being completed. This has created a spike in noncompliance notices and administrative work. Inspection of incomplete work is a cost to ESV in time and money, and stretches our resources. The installation cannot be accepted and in most cases will require a reinspection on completion. ESV has no choice but to issue a Non-compliance Notice for non-compliant work and cannot issue acceptance of the gas installation for incomplete work. Signing the Compliance Notice (Schedule 11) of the Start Work Notice signifies that the: »» gas installation meets the requirements of the Gas Safety Act »» required tests were carried out »» installation is safe for gas to be available to the consumer. Under section 117 of the Gas Safety Act 1997 it is an offence to provide false or misleading information to ESV. By signing off your work before it is completed you are in effect providing false or misleading information. As of the date of this notice ESV will no longer conduct an inspection of incomplete work, unless agreed to by both parties. ESV will forward all instances of signed Compliance Notices (Schedule 11) that are received (where an inspection is booked prior to the works being completed) to the GIAS Investigations Division for further investigation and appropriate action will be taken.    Please contact the Gas Technical Information Helpline on 1800 625 563 for further information