Energy Insider Winter Edition 2023 - Page 7



Over the years fuels and equipment have changed and evolved to provide better performance and reduce emissions . Today , engines are much more sophisticated with tighter tolerances that put diesel fuel under much more stress than in the past . Fuel has also changed as well and reacts differently to these high-pressure situations .
For these reasons original equipment manufacturers ( OEMs ) are becoming more concerned about fuel quality and the attributes of the fuel . Traditional ULSD fuel may be enough to run your equipment , but it is not the best fuel for running your equipment with the maximum power and best efficiency while providing protection to the entire fuel system .
Both on-road and off-road OEMs have been active in many market organizations that are focusing on the growing importance of diesel fuel quality . They are now even tying diesel fuel quality to their warranties . Organizations such as the Worldwide Fuel Charter , The National Conference of Weights and Measures , Top Tier Diesel Fuel , and The Fuels Institute have put out recommendations for how to improve your operation through improving the diesel fuel supplied to the equipment .
Through the OEM fuel recommendations and publications from these organizations above , we know that improving the attributes of detergency , cetane , stability , lubricity , corrosion , water , and particle count above typical ULSD improves the operation of equipment .
Dieselex ® Gold is engineered and designed to be the high-performance diesel fuel that these OEMs and the organizations they direct are looking for to maximize the power , efficiency , and protection of your equipment .