Energy Insider Winter Edition 2021 - Page 4


Cylinder Liners : All six liners were in pristine condition . Most importantly , the crosshatch was prevalent , indicating Suprex Gold ESP protected the liner from scoring as the piston moved up and down within the liner and from deposits that would lead to abrasive wear . Good crosshatch helps prevent increased oil consumption and blow-by .
Main Bearings : The crank shaft main bearings also looked very good on the thrust and anti-thrust side , showing very low levels of corrosive or abrasive wear . Used oil analysis also indicated bearing-surface wear metals were nonexistent . Suprex Gold ESP ’ s viscosity modifier , anti-wear , and detergent / dispersant package helped protect these bearings in this severe application .
Curious to learn more ? Videos will soon be available to fully present the results from the teardown . In the meantime , if you have questions or want to explore using Suprex Gold ESP in your operation , please visit us online at www . gofurthergoFS . com or visit with your local FS Energy Specialist to learn more .
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