Ending Hunger in America, 2014 Hunger Report Study Guide

CHRISTIAN STUDY GUIDE – 2014 HUNGER REPORT LEADER’S RESOURCE Notes and Suggestions 1. The 2014 Christian Study Guide includes six smallgroup sessions rooted in the content of the 2014 Hunger Report, Ending Hunger in America. Session 1 introduces the Report’s overall theme; the following five sessions develop specific topics emphasized in the Hunger Report. If your group cannot do all six sessions, we recommend that you do Session 1 and then as many others as you can. 2. We anticipate that each session will have a facilitator, but the leader needs no specific expertise on the report’s content to facilitate the session. 3. The study guide is designed for Christians of many theological and political viewpoints. You should feel free to adapt the guide to enhance the experience for your group. The section below, Preparation Suggestions for Group Leaders, identifies websites for social policies of different Christian traditions. 4. The guide directs participants to read short relevant sections of the Hunger Report during the sessions. Ending Hunger in America and www.hungerreport. org are filled with detailed analysis, statistics, and stories; additional reading will enrich your conversation, but it is not required. 5. Each session includes: • The Word: Biblical reflection materials and reflection questions. • The Issue: A summary of the theme as presented in the Hunger Report and reflection questions. • The Application: Activities to engage group members in analyzing current realities, using content from the Hunger Report and their life experiences. • The e-connect: A way to use social media to engage others in the session’s topic. 172? Christian Study Guide n Bread for the World Institute 6. The sessions as written may take an hour to 90 minutes each, but should be adapted to meet the scheduling needs of the group. We invite you to open and close each session with prayer, especially remembering those most affected by the topics that you discuss. Preparation Suggestions for Group Facilitators 1. A Bible is required for each session. Participants could be encouraged to bring additional translations to enrich the biblical reflection. 2. It will be helpful to have a copy of the session materials for each participant and most sessions include activities using newsprint, a flip-chart, or a whiteboard. 3. Most sessions also include an activity that will require access to the Internet. If your group will not have Internet access when they meet, have someone print out relevant pages or data. 4. After you familiarize yourself with the outline of the session, adapt the activities to best serve the needs of your group. 5. To learn more about social policy in your own Christian tradition, visit the website of your denomination or national group to see if it includes a discussion of social policies. You might also visit the social policy websites of: National Association of Evangelicals www.nae.net/government-relations National Council of Conferences of Churches www.ncccusa.org/NCCpolicies U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops www.povertyusa.org